Wiki Pages

Represents an individual page in a project’s wiki.

This resource is currently a stub


Link Description Condition
addAttachment Attach a file to the wiki page Permission: edit wiki page

Linked Properties

Property Description Type Constraints Supported operations
self This wiki page WikiPage not null READ
attachments The files attached to this wiki page Collection READ
project The project the wiki page belongs to Project not null READ

Local Properties

Property Description Type Constraints Supported operations
id Identifier of this wiki page Integer x > 0 READ
title The wiki page’s title String not null READ

Wiki Page 

View Wiki Page

Retrieve an individual wiki page as identified by the id parameter

  • Parameters
  • id
    integer (required) Example: 1

    Wiki page identifier

  • Response  200
  • Headers
    Content-Type: application/hal+json
        "_type": "WikiPage",
        "id": 72,
        "title": "A wiki page with a name",
        "_embedded": {
            "project": {
                "_type": "Project",
                "id": 12,
                  <-- abbreviated -->
        "_links": {
            "self": {
                "href": "/api/v3/wiki_pages/72"
            "attachments": {
                "href": "/api/v3/wiki_pages/72/attachments"
            "addAttachment": {
                "href": "/api/v3/wiki_pages/72/attachments",
                "method": "post"
            "project": {
                "href": "/api/v3/projects/12",
                "title": "some project"
  • Response  404
  • Returned if the wiki page does not exist or the client does not have sufficient permissions to see it.

    Required permission: view wiki page in the page’s project

    Content-Type: application/hal+json
        "_type": "Error",
        "errorIdentifier": "urn:openproject-org:api:v3:errors:NotFound",
        "message": "The requested resource could not be found."