OneDrive/SharePoint (Enterprise add-on) integration setup

Topic Description
Minimum requirements Minimum version requirements to enable the integration
Set up the integration Connect OpenProject and OneDrive/SharePoint instances as an administrator
Drive guide How to configure a drive and obtain the drive id
Using the integration How to use the OneDrive/SharePoint integration
Edit a OneDrive/SharePoint file storage Edit a OneDrive/SharePoint file storage
Delete an OneDrive/SharePoint file storage Delete a OneDrive/SharePoint file storage


OneDrive/SharePoint integration is an Enterprise add-on and can only be used with Enterprise cloud or Enterprise on-premises. An upgrade from the free Community edition is easy and helps support OpenProject.

OpenProject offers an integration with OneDrive/SharePoint to allow users to:

  • Link files and folders stored in OneDrive/SharePoint with OpenProject work packages
  • View, open and download files and folder linked to a work package via the Files tab

The goal here is to provide a Document Library, embedded in a SharePoint site, as a file storage system for OpenProject.

The standard integration is supposed to work with a SharePoint subscription. The integration though can work with a OneDrive for Business plan as well. There might be some differences in the setup, which are not covered by this documentation.


This guide only covers the integration setup. Please go to our OneDrive/SharePoint integration user guide to learn more about how to work with the OneDrive/SharePoint integration.

Minimum requirements

Please note these minimum version requirements for the integration to work with a minimal feature set:

  • OpenProject version 13.1 (or above)
  • Access to OneDrive/SharePoint

We recommend using the latest versions of both OneDrive/SharePoint and OpenProject to be able to use the latest features.

Set up the integration


You need administrator privileges in the Azure portal for your Microsoft Entra ID and in your OpenProject instance to set up this integration.

Please make sure that you configure your Azure application to have the following API permissions:

  • Files.ReadWrite.All - Type: Delegated
  • Files.ReadWrite.All - Type: Application
  • offline_access - Type: Delegated
  • User.Read - Type: Delegated

Navigate to System administration -> File storages. You will see the list of all storages that have already been set up. If no files storages have been set up yet, a banner will tell you that there are no storages yet set up.

Click the green +Storage button and select the OneDrive/SharePoint option.

Add a new OneDrive/SharePoint storage to OpenProject

A screen will open, in which you will first need to add the Name, Drive ID and the Directory (tenant) ID details for your new OneDrive/SharePoint storage. Please consult your Azure administrator and the Drive guide to obtain respective information. Be aware, that the last step includes copying generated information to the Azure portal. Enter your data and click the green Save and continue button.

Setting up a new OneDrive/SharePoint

The Access and project folders section of the setup will open next, where you can choose between automatically or manually managed access and folders. Choose your preferred option and click the green Save and continue button to proceed.

Access and project folders details in OneDrive/SharePoint file storages setup in OpenProject

Continue by filling out the information for the Azure OAuth and once again click the green Save and continue button.

OAuth applications details in OneDrive/SharePoint file storages setup in OpenProject

Finally, copy the Redirect URl and click the green Done, complete setup button.

Redirect URI details in OneDrive/SharePoint file storage setup in OpenProject

You will see the following message confirming the successful setup on top of the page.

System message on successful OneDrive/SharePoint file storages setup in OpenProject


In Sharepoint you can add (custom) columns in addition to the ones shown by default (Modified and Modified by). Please keep in mind if these custom columns are added, OpenProject integration can no longer copy the automatically managed project folders. The columns will have to be de-activated, or ideally not be created in the first place.

Using the integration

Once the file storage is added and enabled for projects, your users are able to take full advantage of the integration between OneDrive/SharePoint and OpenProject. For more information on how to link SharePoint files to work packages in OpenProject, please refer to the OneDrive/SharePoint integration user guide.

Edit a OneDrive/SharePoint file storage

To edit an existing OneDrive/SharePoint file storage hover over the name of the storage you want to edit and click it.

Select OneDrive/SharePoint file storage in OpenProject system administration

To update the general storage information, click the Edit icon next to the storage provider. To replace the Azure authentication information, click on the Sync icon next to the OAuth application. With changing the authentication information the redirect URI will get generated again and thus needs to be copied again. The redirect URI can be copied by clicking on the Copy-to-Clipboard element next to the information text, or by entering the form by clicking the View icon.

Note: if you have selected automatically managed access and folders you will also see the Health status message on the right side. If the file storage set-up is incomplete or faulty, an error message will be displayed in that section. Read more about errors and troubleshooting here.

Edit OneDrive/SharePoint in OpenProject

Here you will be able to edit all of the information you have specified when creating the OneDrive/SharePoint connection initially.

Delete a OneDrive/SharePoint file storage

You can delete a OneDrive/SharePoint file storage either at a project level or at an instance-level.

Deleting a file storage at a project level simply makes it unavailable to that particular project, without affecting the integration for other projects. Project admins can do so by navigating to Project settings -> File storages and clicking the Delete icon next to the file storage you would like to remove.

Delete a OneDrive/SharePoint storage from an OpenProject project

Deleting a file storage at an instance level deletes the OneDrive/SharePoint integration completely, making it inaccessible to all projects in that instance. Should an instance administrator nevertheless want to do so, they can navigate to Administration -> File storages, hover over the name of the file storage they want to remove and click it to enter the next page. Then they need to click the Delete button in the top right corner.

Delete icon for SharePoint integration in OpenProject system settings

You will be asked to confirm the exact file storage name.

Delete a SharePoint integration from OpenProject system settings


Deleting a file storage as an instance administrator will also delete all settings and links between work packages and OneDrive/SharePoint files/folders. This means that should you want to reconnect your OneDrive/SharePoint instance with OpenProject, you will need complete the entire setup process once again.

Getting support

If you run into any issues or you cannot setup your integration yourself please use our Support Installation & Updates forum or if you have an Enterprise subscription, please contact us at Enterprise Support.