Progress tracking

You can track the completion of projects in OpenProject by assigning a Progress (%) value to individual work packages. OpenProject will automatically roll-up progress to parent work packages.

Topic Content
Manual progress tracking How to track progress manually per work package.
Progress tracking in the work package hierarchy How to track progress for multiple work packages.
Status based progress tracking How to track progress use work package status.

Manual progress tracking

After the initial installation, OpenProject is configured for manual progress tracking. In order to log progress, please open the details of a work package. The Progress (%) field shows a visual progress bar with the default value of 0%.

Work package progress field

Clicking on the progress bar opens an in-place editor that allows you to enter a percentage value between 0 and 100.

Work package progress field with editor

Pressing enter saves the value and updates dependent work packages (see below). Progress is rounded to the next integer.

Work package progress field with 50%

You can also bulk-modify the Progress (%) in the list of work packages.

Bulk editing progress

Progress tracking in the work package hierarchy

The progress of work package with children is calculated as the weighted average of all direct children, using the field Estimated time as the weight. When adding the Progress(%) column to a work package hierarchy view, please also add the Estimated time column as well so that you can track the calculation. The screenshot below shows an example hierarchy with aggregated Progress (%).

Please note the Estimated time column to the right. Here, values in parenthesis (for example “(40h)” of Main Task) indicate estimated time from children, while values without parenthesis refer to estimated time directly assigned to a work package.

Progress calculation in the WP hierarchy

Calculation examples:

  • Sub-Task 1 has 50% completion calculated as (16h * 60% + 8h * 30%) / 24h.
  • Sub-Task 2 has 25% completion calculated as (8h * 50% + 8h * 0%) / 16h.
  • Main Task has 40% completion calculated as (24h * 50% + 16h * 25%) / 40h.

Status-based progress tracking

As an alternative to the manual progress tracking mode above, you can configure your OpenProject system to associate work packages statuses . In the Administration, please navigate to Work packages -> Settings and change “Calculate the work package done ratio” to “Use the work package status”.

Change calculate the work package done ration

In this mode, OpenProject does not allow you to manually modify the Progress (%) field in the work packages. Instead, the Progress (%) value will be set automatically based on the the work package status configuration page.

Within the Administration, navigate to Work package -> Status and select the status you want to edit regarding the progress tracking. Here you can select the desired progress percentage from the drop-down menu in the progress line and add it to the status. Please do not forget to save your changes.

Progress calculation in the WP hierarchy

The screenshot above shows a sample configuration of work package statuses together with suitable “Progress (%)” values. For example, setting the status of a work package to “In progress” is equivalent to setting Progress (%) to 50% manually.

Note: The status and it’s associated progress value from the administration screen also determines the Progress (%) of work packages with children. So there is no roll-up of progress in the work package table hierarchy in this configuration.