The calendar shows all of the project’s work packages in calendar form.

Topic Content
Calendar overview How to use the calendar in OpenProject.
Filters in calendar How to filter in the calendar view.
Zen mode How to work distraction free in a calendar view.
Project overarching calendar How to display more than one project in the calendar.

Calendar overview

To display the calendar in a project, the module calendar needs to be activated in the project settings.

When you open the calendar, all work packages within the current project are displayed on the calendar, displaying the title of the work package. The colors represent the different work package types.

The current month is automatically selected. You can change the date range between month or week and navigate through the views with the arrows on the left. The today button brings you back to the current date.

Hovering over one item displays more information to a work package, such as the type, status, start and finish date, assignee and priority, as well as the project to which the work package belongs.

Click on one item to open the work package details or to edit an item.


Filters in calendar

You can filter the work packages in the calendar view by adding any number of filters, e.g. Author, Due Date, Priority, Assignee, etc.

Click the Filter button on the top right above the calendar to open the filter details.

To add another filter criteria, select the drop down next to + Add filter and choose a filter criteria.

The number of different filter criteria is displayed on the filter button.


You can also display the calendar on the dashboard in the project overview.

Zen mode

You can display the calendar in a full screen view to eliminate header and project menu and work distraction free.

Click the Activate zen mode button on the top of the calendar.

Click Escape (Esc) to leave the Zen mode.


Project overarching calendar

It is possible to display the work packages from more than one project in the calendar. However, these projects need to be sub-projects of the current project.

Open the filter and select subproject as filter criteria.

Choose the sub-projects which you also want to display in the calendar view.


It is not possible to add work packages from projects which are not in a project hierarchy.