Manage members

Topic Content
Add members How to add existing members or invite new members to a project.
Edit members How to change the role of a member in a project.
Remove members How to remove members from a project.
Roles and permissions How to manage roles and permissions for members.
Groups How to add members to a group and add groups to a project.

Add members

Find out here how to add existing users to a project and here how to invite new users to join a project.

Edit members

To change the role of a member within a project, select the corresponding project and open the Members module.

To edit an existing member of a project, click the Edit icon in the list next to the member on the right. Choose the new role and press the blue Change button so save your changes.


Remove members

To remove members from a project, select the project for which you want to remove the members. In the project menu on the left, select the Members module. In the members list, click the trash can icon at the right end of the row with the corresponding member name.


Roles and permissions

Members will have different roles with different permissions in a project. To find out how to configure roles and permissions click here.

A role is defined as a set of permissions defined by a unique name. Project members are assigned to a project by specifying a user’s, group’s or placeholder user’s name and the role(s) they should assume in the project.

To assign work packages to a project member, the respective user’s or placeholder user’s role needs to be able to be assigned work packages. This is the default setting for default roles. You can check this setting in the Roles and Permissions section of the system administration.


Users can be added to groups. A group can be added to a project. With this, all users within a group will have the corresponding role in this project. Find out how to create and manage groups in OpenProject here.