Enterprise guide

Welcome to the OpenProject Enterprise guide.

The OpenProject Enterprise editions (cloud and on-premises) contain all OpenProject Community features plus the additional OpenProject premium features, as well as professional support.

Find a detailed feature comparison here.

Enterprise cloud

Topic Content
Create free trial Learn more about how to create a free trial for the Enterprise cloud instance.
Sign in Sign in to your OpenProject Enterprise cloud edition.
Create quote How to create a quote within your Enterprise cloud instance?
Invoices and billing history How to see your payment history and download invoices?
Manage your subscription How to change billing address, add or edit credit card details?
Subscribe How to book Enterprise cloud?
Backups How do backups work in the cloud?
Support How to get support as Enterprise cloud user?
GDPR Review and sign a Data Processing Agreement (DPA).

Enterprise on-premises

Topic Content
Enterprise on-premises trial Can I test the Enterprise on-premises edition for free?
Activate Enterprise on-premises How can I upgrade my Community edition to an Enterprise on-premises edition?
Support How can I get support or installation support?