Project Portfolio Management

Stay on top of all your projects

  • Have an overview of your entire project portfolio - whether for classic, agile or hybrid project management.
  • Working on several projects, OpenProject allows you to create a project structure with hierarchies and marking projects as favorites.
  • Keep an eye on the status of your projects with the project list or your individual project dashboard.
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Project lists

Have your overview of your projects at any time with the personalized project lists, favorite projects or your custom project dashboard. Make project lists public or mark as favorites.

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Project hierarchy

Use a project hierarchy to structure your projects using parent projects and sub-projects.

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Project overview page

This is a dashboard that you can customize with project attributes, widgets and graphs to your needs.

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Project templates

Create project templates in OpenProject to set up everything that you want to have available for future projects. It will save you time.

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Project portfolio 

Create a persisted project portfolio by filtering your project lists, including by your own project attributes. Share your personal project lists with other users and groups.

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Project reports 

Choose from a variety of OpenProject widgets that visualize your project status and progress on the project overview.

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Project dashboard

The My Page module is your personal dashboard that displays information about all your projects. Customize it to your needs.

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Project changes

The project activity tracking displays changes in a project. From changes to a work package to project attributes, incl. project custom fields.

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Multi-project views

Create custom filters across all of your projects to never lose track of important tasks. Share task views to give the team the same view.

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Project Planning & Scheduling

Deliver your projects on time

  • Activate the experience of your entire team to collaboratively create and visualize your project plan.
  • Define your project objectives and break it down into smaller deliverables.
  • Analyze required activities and create a detailed plan that shows how and when the project will provide the deliverables defined in the project scope.
  • Plan your team member's priorities and workload in the team planner.
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Gantt charts

Create a project management plan that visualizes how and when the work packages and milestones will be delivered. Generate a timeline collaboratively with the team.

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Work packages

Work packages are items in your Gantt chart (e.g. phases, milestones, tasks, features, bugs etc.) with specific attributes, assigned to team members.

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Relations and hierarchies

You can assign relations on functional or timely levels (e.g. follows or precedes, blocked by, part of, etc.) as well as hierarchies (parent-child relationship).

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Choose between automatic and/or manual scheduling mode to schedule your work packages.

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Work week

Define working days and non-working days to schedule start and finish date of work packages during working hours.

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Baseline comparison 

Display changes to work packages tables and get a quick overview of what has changed over time, making it easy to report on project progress and status.

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The calendar displays work packages in calendar form. Keep an eye on all deadlines and subscribe via iCalendar format.

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Date alerts 

Date alerts allow you to receive a notification when a start or finish date of a work package is approaching.

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Team planner 

Get an overview of which team member is working on what and when tasks are due and schedule work accordingly.

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Task management and issue tracking

Transparent responsibilities and tracking of progress

  • OpenProject is the easiest way for teams to track their work and achieve results.
  • Organize and prioritize your own tasks and assign tasks to team members.
  • Have all tasks and communication in one place. Everyone is up to date about the progress and next steps.
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Task lists

The dynamic task list provides an overview of all the work that has to be completed. Individual lists with filters help you to organize your tasks.

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Assignee, accountable, watcher

Assign specific team members, groups or placeholder users to work packages as assignee or accountable. Watchers receive notifications about any changes.

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Get updates on all activities you have subscribed to. Use the notifications settings to customize and manage your email notifications.

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Share work packages 

Share individual work packages with users and groups outside of your project. Keep all stakeholders informed while keeping project information private if needed.

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File management

Attach files directly to your work packages. Or use the Nextcloud or OneDrive/SharePoint integration (Enterprise add-on) to link files and folders with work packages and to set up project folders.

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Filter and grouping

Use the various filter and grouping options to display the information you need in a way most suitable for you and your project needs. You can also save your created view.

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Incoming emails

Configure emails settings in OpenProject so that the incoming emails are transferred into a task automatically.

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Attribute highlighting 

Highlight the work package status, priority and finish date based on their values. See which tasks require your attention right away.

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Export of work plans

Export work packages in various formats to create detailed up to date work plans for your project in a clean and practical format.

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Agile, Kanban & Scrum

Achieve more with agile project management

  • Agile teams have short development cycles. They iterate fast to build, measure and learn with each version.
  • With fast user feedback they simply waste no time and can concentrate on building the right things. OpenProject is the perfect tool for agile teams that want to use agile methodologies such as Scrum.
  • Agile teams can create and estimate stories, prioritize a sprint backlog and track tasks. It is tightly integrated into other modules such as roadmap planning, bug tracking and task management.
Learn about agile project management software

Basic Boards

Create flexible boards for any kind of activity you would like to track. Manually add cards and columns to the board.

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Status Boards 

A Kanban board for status updates. With a status board you can visualize and continuously improve the workflow.

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Team Boards 

Know who is working on what. In a cross-functional team you want to visualize the workload and know if everything is on track.

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Version Boards 

The Version Board facilitates the planning of a product development in several iterations. With each iteration you can add and improve features.

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Boards for subprojects 

The agile board for subprojects enables the distribution and visualization of workload across different (sub)projects and organizations.

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Work breakdown structure 

The board for parent-child elements allows you to create and visualize a work-breakdown structure for all of your projects.

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Specify, record and prioritize user stories in a product or sprint backlog with your scrum team to start work by priority.

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To support daily scrum meetings, all of a team's tasks and sprint impediments are recorded in a digital task board.

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Story Points

Document the estimated effort directly as story points. The total effort for a sprint is calculated automatically.

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Time tracking, cost reporting, budgeting

Time tracking and cost reporting for efficiently managing projects

  • OpenProject makes time tracking easy. Stay on top of project budgets and time and costs spent.
  • Create custom reports for accurate, current insight into project performance and allocated resources.
  • Plan the cost for each project phase, and see how much of the allocated budget has been spent at a glance.
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Track your time

Track your time spent. Log the time on the work packages during a day or a week and see your time log history.

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Time reports

OpenProject custom time reports let you keep track of the spent time, split down by projects or work packages.

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Labour costs

Assign an hourly rate to team members and set hourly rates by project member, time frame and project.

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Cost reporting

With multiple filter options you can create your customized cost report and evaluate spent time and costs.

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Unit costs

Have an eye on spent unit costs. Create flexible unit costs and book them to work packages.

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With the budget feature you can plan labour as well as unit costs and keep an eye on the status.

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Team collaboration

Keep your team up to date

  • OpenProject as a web-based software allows all project team members to access all information at any time.
  • Collaborate and communicate in OpenProject to make sure all activities are recorded in the system.
  • Discover how easy sharing information in the team in OpenProject is.
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Display the activities in a project to gain a quick overview over the current status and changes.

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Manage your meetings including an agenda and minutes collaboratively in OpenProject.

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The news module which gives you an overview over the latest news and updates in the project.

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Notify a specific team member by mentioning them directly via @name in the comment.

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Manage project documentation, references, guidelines, user manuals, and much more in one central place.

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In the forums in OpenProject you can discuss and comment on topics in a project with the team.

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Product roadmap and release planning

Plan transparently by including all stakeholders

  • OpenProject is the easiest way to plan, visualize and communicate your product roadmap.
  • Share your product roadmap with your stakeholders, get feedback about your ideas and break it down into a detailed release plan.
  • Align your product roadmaps with your company’s product strategy and create buy-in and transparency across all teams.
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Get a direct overview of the progress of a version or multiple projects and analyze it based on multiple metrics.

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Product timeline

Display your project features, tasks and milestones in a timeline to schedule and plan project completion.

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Integrate a SVN or GIT repository in a project in OpenProject and access it directly via the module Repositories.

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GitHub integration

With the GitHub integration, you can connect your project management directly with the development environment and have everything in view.

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GitLab integration

OpenProject offers an integration with GitLab merge requests to link software development closely to planning and specification. Create merge requests in GitLab and link them to work packages in OpenProject.

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Workflows and customization

Become more efficient with customization

  • Adapt OpenProject to your organization's needs.
  • Explore different forms of customization - from work package forms, workflows, custom fields and theme and many more.
  • Reduce manual work and standardize to avoid errors and make your team faster.
Learn about workflows and customization


Define the workflow of statuses that your work package is going through until being finished and closed.

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Custom actions 

Discover powerful custom actions to standardize your workflows, avoid errors and reduce manual work.

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Custom theme 

Create your own theme to comply with your company’s corporate identity and guidelines.

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Form configuration 

Configure work package forms to fit your needs. Add or change attribute groups and add custom fields.

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Attribute help text

Attribute help texts provide additional information for attributes in work packages and projects.

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Custom fields

Create unlimited custom fields for work packages or project attributes. Allow multi-select custom fields.

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Roles and permissions

OpenProject offers a fine-granular roles and permissions management. Customize this according to your needs.

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Create and manage groups. Assign them to work packages, add them as watchers or add them to a team board.

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Placeholder users 

Create placeholder users without email address in the system and already assign tasks to these users in the project.

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Additional benefits

Beyond OpenProject's feature set

OpenProject offers you more than just features. Discover additional benefits that facilitate your project management.

Powerful API

A powerful REST API lets you integrate with any system, automates actions or lets you integrate own plugins.

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Enterprise support

Rely on the professional and fast support provided by the OpenProject experts through a multitude of channels.

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More integrations

OpenProject offers a Nextcloud, OneDrive/SharePoint integration (Enterprise add-on), synchronization with Excel, and more integrations to other tools.

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Responsiveness for mobile devices

No separate iOS or Android App necessary, since OpenProject works perfectly responsive on all your screens.

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OpenProject supports your native language

Available in more than 30 languages translated by an international active Community. We welcome contributions.

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Add-ons for the construction industry

Include BIM project management features, such as 3D model viewer (IFC), BCF management, or a Revit integration.

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Best protection for your data

  • As a company based in the European Union we are highly committed to data security and privacy and take all required action to protect your data and keep your digital sovereignty.
  • We meet all data protection requirements in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and even beyond.
  • We are a firm believer in open-source and invested heavily in the freedom of users. This encompasses the software freedoms granted by the GPLv3.
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Secure authentication

Secure authentication mechanisms and password rules according to current industry standards. Passwords are securely stored using salted bcrypt.

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2-Factor authentication

Use your mobile phone, an app-based authenticator, or WebAuthn as second factor for authentication to prevent anyone from accessing your account.

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Single sign-on 

With the single sign-on feature you can securely access OpenProject. Control and secure access to your projects with the main authentication providers.

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LDAP sync 

Synchronize OpenProject users and groups with your company’s LDAP to update users and group memberships based on LDAP group members.

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Data encryption

Our cloud environment is continuously backing data, encrypted in transit (via TLS/https) and at rest (files, database (including backups) via AES-256).

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Antivirus scanning 

Uploaded files will be scanned for viruses with ClamAV antivirus engine and quarantined or deleted if viruses are found (only for on-premises installations).

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