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Time, costs and budgets

Record spent time and costs and keep an eye on the budget

OpenProject enables professional project controlling and cost analysis. Budget dashboards provide a top-level overview of your project budgets as well as a detailed analysis of time and costs. Time tracking, cost reports and budget are powerful features that are closely interlinked. The cost report is able to show both hours or value and labour as well as unit costs.

Time and costs tracking software

Time and cost recording simple and fast

With OpenProject time tracking software you can easily track and report on spent time and costs. You can plan labor as well as unit costs. It allows you to customize unit costs to your needs and set hourly rates by project member, time frame and project.

Time tracking

Log your spent time on work packages

Track your spent time on work packages and add categories or other custom information. In order to do so, OpenProject makes it effortless for team members to log time.

Record your times directly on the work packages you are working on. You can add any customized fields. For easy billing, e.g. with external partners.

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Log time on work packages

Comfortable and easy time log. Choose a work package directly from the list and add your working time.

You can include the My Spent Time widget directly on the My Page.

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Log time on my spent time widget on my page

Create time reports and evaluate, group or export them by your needs.

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Time reporting

Automatically track time spent on a work package via the time tracking button.

Log your working time directly to the work package.

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Time tracking button in a work package detailed view

Progress Reporting

Report your progress on work packages

Track estimates and progress by recording Work, Remaining Work, and % Complete, and display these metrics in work package tables.

Report progress on work packages in different modes: Work-based and Status-based progress reporting. Choose the method that best fits your needs to keep track of your project’s progress efficiently.

Work-based progress reporting enables you to automatically derive progress based on the values you enter for Work and Remaining work.

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Work package table displaying attributes for progress reporting

Administrators can also enable status-based progress reporting for their instance. In this mode, each status is linked to a predetermined % Complete value, configurable in the admin settings. Teams can report progress by updating the status of work packages.

In contrast to work-based progress reporting (see above), status-based mode automatically calculates the Remaining work value.

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work package table displaying status-based progress reporting

Cost reporting

Clear overview over your labor and unit costs

With OpenProject cost reports you have all the options to analyze your data. You can track and evaluate labor costs as well as unit costs. Multiple filter options enable you to create reports for different needs. Save your custom cost reports to export or share with project members.

Evaluate labor costs based on the hourly rate of team members in OpenProject and filter, group and export the reports.

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Cost report in OpenProject

Define an hourly rate for your project members to bill directly with external parties or track the costs of external providers.

You can differentiate the costs between projects and duration.

It also allows you to log time for other users.

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Set hourly rate for labor costs

Configure and log unit costs for your project to keep an eye on project costs.

Evaluate all spent costs in detailed reports, configure, filter and group them to your needs.

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Evaluate unit costs

Project budgets

Be budget-wise in your project

Plan your project budget and calculate labor costs and unit costs. This allows you to then track actual versus plan and manage your resources.

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OpenProject budget details

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