Enterprise edition

Support, training and additional features for your Enterprise-grade OpenProject.
Self-installed or hosted by us in a secure data center.

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Benefits of the enterprise edition

We deliver the confidence of a tested, supported and certified open source enterprise-class project management software

Secure hosting options

Choose your preferred hosting option for your OpenProject Enterprise edition - self-hosted on your own servers or securely hosted by us in the cloud.

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Support from the experts

Get reliable, high-touch functional and technical support from engineers with expert knowledge about running OpenProject in business-critical environments.

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Enterprise add-ons and security

Benefit from powerful Enterprise add-ons to support your project teams even better, as well as additional security for enterprise-class business applications.

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Additional Enterprise services

Boost your team’s productivity with our additional enterprise services, such as getting started training, dedicated onboarding, or a customer success manager.

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Secure OpenProject hosting

Choose your preferred hosting mode, either on-premises or in the cloud

Install and operate OpenProject on site. Or conveniently use our secure hosting service and we will take care of maintenance and updates.

Enterprise cloud edition

Concentrate on your business and let the experts do the OpenProject hosting for you.

We offer secure and peace-of-mind hosting in a data center in the European Union. With the OpenProject Enterprise cloud, you will benefit from a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

You can rely on hosting in a high security data center and redundant infrastructure, built for high availability and performance. Continuous encrypted data backups in separate locations Regular data privacy assessment and certification by external auditor.

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Enterprise on-premises edition

The way to ultimate data sovereignty is hosting in your own infrastructure.

The OpenProject Enterprise on-premises edition builds on top of the Community edition. It will be installed and run on-premises. We provide you with the software packages and offer additional services, such as installation, maintenance and support and trainings.

Benefit from a set-up with ultimate control over your data and with your preferred technical set up. The open source software gives you the possibility to study or modify the software for your own purpose or integrate other systems via our API.


We deliver peace-of-mind support for your Enterprise edition

Comprehensive support plans offer installation and technical support for your self-hosted OpenProject as well as functional support for your users.

Installation support

Our professional installation support guarantees the optimal set-up for your self-hosted OpenProject Enterprise on-premises edition. Experienced software engineers consult you in system requirements and give guidance with the complete installation process in your own infrastructure, including the application, database, and operating system.

We have deep knowledge in setting up enterprise-class applications in critical and high security environments. Please run the Support Data Collector script on the host that will run OpenProject in advance to the installation. This makes sure your system and your environment is ready for the installation. You will find information how to run the script and prepare for the installation in the documentation.

If you already have a Community edition running, this can be upgraded very easily. We will guide you through the upgrade process.

  • Package installation (deb/RPM) and preparation of deployment automation
  • Connection of data storage (e.g. NFS)
  • Set up ssl encryption (https)
  • LDAP/AD connection
  • Connection to database management system (PostgreSQL)
  • Integration to existing single sign-on infrastructure
  • Installation and configuration of email server

Security alerts and regular software updates

Security updates allow a fast fix of security issues in the system.

We provide you with regular software updates and patches so you can focus on your core business.

Relevant channels will be monitored regarding OpenProject security topics and the responsible contact person will be informed. Software packages for security fixes will be provided promptly.

  • Monitoring of OpenProject relevant security topics
  • Alerting of responsible contact person
  • Providing of software packages for updates
  • Automated testing

Technical and functional user support

Get reliable, high-touch support from OpenProject experts with knowledge about running OpenProject in business-critical environments.

Our support engineers are highly-trained to diagnose and resolve issues in your environment. We find solutions for the most complex technical challenges you might be faced with.

You will get answers to your questions and concerns about OpenProject from our team of experts.

  • Professional user support with ticket, email or telephone
  • Guaranteed availability and resolution time based on SLA
  • Getting started training
  • Priority development and escalation
  • Dedicated onboarding project
  • Dedicated senior support engineer
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Consulting and training for proactive issue prevention

Enterprise add-ons

Additional features for more productivity and enhanced configuration

The Enterprise edition comes with Enterprise add-ons and additional security features that support your team to be even more productive and offer more configuration options.

Additional services

We help you get the most out of your OpenProject

With the upgrade to our Enterprise edition you will benefit from additional services.

Getting started training

We want to make it easy for you to get started with OpenProject. This training will bring you up to speed so you and your team can get started easily and will be productive from day one.

Dedicated onboarding

Setting up your OpenProject and configuring everything according to your needs and your company’s processes is not easy, but very important. We will support you in this process.

Customer success manager

We will guide you through the installation and upgrade processes. A dedicated customer success manager will accompany you with the initial set-up and then consult you with further maintenance.

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