Product development software for roadmap and release planning

Create, prioritize and communicate your product roadmap effectively.

Product development software

Define objectives and make your stakeholders buy into your project’s roadmap

OpenProject used as product roadmap software provides an overview across multiple projects. Share your roadmap with your stakeholders, get feedback about your ideas and break it down into a detailed release plan.

Align your product roadmap with your company’s product strategy and create buy-in and transparency across all teams.

Product roadmap

Align with everyone on the overall planning

OpenProject is the easiest way to plan, visualize, and communicate your product roadmap and release plan to your stakeholders.

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Roadmap planning

Product versions

Plan your next product versions

The versions in OpenProject let you plan the next product releases and give you an overview about the current status.

Compare work and spent time and analyze status, priority, assignees and more.

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Product version

Product timeline

Visualize and share your product timeline

The product timeline shows you when features will be developed and what dependencies exist amongst them. Visualize it to allow for your team members to plan capacities and discuss collaboration.

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Product timeline

Version boards

Develop your product in an agile way

Version boards allow the team to prioritize features, get an overview of the status, and create and visualize a product roadmap.

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Version boards


Connect requirements with the development and include your GIT or SVN Repository, integrate with GitHub or GitLab

Connect your GIT or SVN Repository to your projects in OpenProject. You will have the code directly together with your work packages.

Integrate GitHub to connect features or bugs in OpenProject directly with the development and see the status of corresponding Pull Requests and Actions.

Integrate with GitLab merge requests, aligning software development closely with planning and specification processes. Generate merge requests within GitLab and effortlessly connect them to work packages in your projects.

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GitHub integration

More features

More powerful features for your project management

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Enterprise add-on

The OpenProject Enterprise add-ons are part of our Enterprise on-premises and cloud plans. With the upgrade to a paid version, you will support the development and maintenance of the open source project.