We released OpenProject 6.1.4. The release contains several bug fixes.We recommend the update to the current version.

We released OpenProject 6.1.3. The release contains an important bug fix.We recommend the update to the current version.

We just released OpenProject 6.1.2. This release contains some small features and minor bug fixes. We recommend to update your OpenProject installation to this version.

Features (5)

  • Added missing auth fields to user endpoint 24503.
  • Allow users to be uniquely identified by login 24504.
  • Configuration option to hide login field during signup (email only) 24505.
  • Configuration option for registration footer 24404.
  • Remove length constraints of category name 24446.

Bug fixes (16)

You can find a detailed list of the bug fixes here.


Special thanks to Dirk Wiesenthal from Univention for helping us to improve our users api.


New user-friendly timeline

Exciting news! We have been working on a new timeline for OpenProject. The next major OpenProject version (OpenProject 7.0) will introduce a more modern, user-friendly Gantt chart / timeline. While the existing timeline required multiple steps to use and update, the new timeline allows faster creation and updates of elements directly within the timeline.

OpenProject featured as top startup on BetaPage

OpenProject has been featured by BetaPage as one of the top 4 startups.

BetaPage is a popular startup directory which features innovative startups from different industries.

OpenProject has been added to BetaPage yesterday (December 13th) and has already more than 60 upvotes.

To upvote or share OpenProject on BetaPage take a look at the OpenProject BetaPage.OpenProject on BetaPage

At OpenProject we have been working hard to create a great open source project management software that users love. We have focused strongly on user experience and this is something that FinancesOnline, one of the most popular business review directories, has recognized.

We are very happy and proud to tell you that OpenProject has been awarded two of the prestigious FinancesOnline awards in their recent OpenProject review.

We won both the Great User Experience 2016 Award and the Rising Star 2016 Award for their project management software reviews category.
FinancesOnline AwardsIn their OpenProject software review here, FinancesOnline recognizes OpenProject as a leader in agile project management software as well as collaboration software.

We are changing the way authentication works on our SaaS instances. Among other things this change will allow you to freely promote administrators unlike before.

Currently when clicking on “Sign in” in your OpenProject instance you will be redirected to where you then login.

The login screen on

The login screen on

This will now change. On Wednesday the 7th December at 12:00 GMT we will roll out an update to the login mechanism. From then onwards you can log into OpenProject using the standard core login where you will input your password directly without the detour via

During the day of the update the direct login through your OpenProject instance may not work right away. If and only if that is the case you can still login through by clicking on the link for “” below “or sign in with your existing account” in the login form.

Retiring will be retired on 8th December.

Note: Following the update you will not be able to login through anymore. You will have separate login credentials for each of your OpenProject SaaS instances. Your current credentials will remain unchanged.
The OpenProject core's login screen is used to login directly after the update.

The OpenProject core’s login screen is used to login directly after the update.

Previously you could create an account on and then use any number of * instances through that account. While this had a number of advantages the way we implemented it also came with a couple of drawbacks.

  • Currently you have to contact us via email if you want to promote another user to be an administrator. Following the update you can do that on your own just like in a stand-alone OpenProject instance.
  • Some users kept having issues with user invitations. After the update the OpenProject core’s simpler invitation mechanism will be used which should clear up any problems.
  • Before the update admins were unable to delete users. After the update users can be deleted freely and not just locked.

We hope that update will provide an easier and more solid experience for our SaaS users.

Quite frequently we receive requests from users who are interested in OpenProject workshops but who also want to receive a certificate to show their proficiency in OpenProject.
Up until now we only offered remote trainings and on-site workshops (see available trainings).
For the first time we now offer an OpenProject certification at OpenProject GmbH in Berlin, Germany.
Participants get an overview of OpenProject features, learn best practices and the configuration of OpenProject. In addition, open questions are addressed.
Take a look at the relevant information:

  • Extensive overview of OpenProject features (Core + Plugins)
  • Best practices when using OpenProject
  • Configuration and optimization of OpenProject
  • Address open questions and resolve unclear topics
  • Outlook to future OpenProject development and features
Date: February 9, 2017

Location: OpenProject GmbH, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 5, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Duration: 9 AM to 5 PM

Language: English or German

Price: 250€ per person

For more information take a look at the OpenProject certification page.
We are looking forward to meeting you at OpenProject GmbH in Berlin!

We released OpenProject 6.1.1. The release contains several bug fixes and improvements.We recommend the update to the current version.

We are proud to announce that OpenProject 6.1 has been released. The release contains several new features and performance improvements. The project member table has been improved and the relations tab has been extended.Additionally, the release contains several bug fixes.