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Old timeline view will be discontinued: Please migrate your timeline in OpenProject 7.0

New integrated timeline view As announced before OpenProject 7.0 includes a new user-friendly timeline included in the work package list. This new view will make the transition between working with work packages and displaying this information in a Gantt chart much smoother. Old timeline discontinued with OpenProject 8.0 While OpenProject 7.0 includes both the new integrated … Continued

Outlook OpenProject 7.0: Multi-select custom fields

We are working hard on finalizing OpenProject 7.0. Along with many great features, such as the new user-friendly timeline there are also several features that will be available to users of the Enterprise Edition and Cloud Edition. One of these features are multi-select custom fields.

OpenProject 6.1.2 released

We just released OpenProject 6.1.2. This release contains some small features and minor bug fixes. We recommend to update your OpenProject installation to this version. Features (5) Added missing auth fields to user endpoint 24503. Allow users to be uniquely identified by login 24504. Configuration option to hide login field during signup (email only) 24505. Configuration option for registration … Continued

Outlook OpenProject 7.0: New integrated timeline

New user-friendly timeline Exciting news! We have been working on a new timeline for OpenProject. The next major OpenProject version (OpenProject 7.0) will introduce a more modern, user-friendly Gantt chart / timeline. While the existing timeline required multiple steps to use and update, the new timeline allows faster creation and updates of elements directly within … Continued

OpenProject featured on BetaPage

OpenProject featured as top startup on BetaPage OpenProject has been featured by BetaPage as one of the top 4 startups. BetaPage is a popular startup directory which features innovative startups from different industries. OpenProject has been added to BetaPage yesterday (December 13th) and has already more than 60 upvotes. To upvote or share OpenProject on … Continued

OpenProject wins FinancesOnline 2016 Project Management Awards

At OpenProject we have been working hard to create a great open source project management software that users love. We have focused strongly on user experience and this is something that FinancesOnline, one of the most popular business review directories, has recognized. We are very happy and proud to tell you that OpenProject has been awarded … Continued