Project management software for the public sector

We offer data sovereignty and digital support for efficient and secure project management in the public sector.

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OpenProject knows your needs and security requirements

Clear processes and efficiency

You gain through transparency and clear processes in your shared OpenProject. Everyone knows the timing and status of all tasks, responsibilities are clear.


Install the Enterprise and Community edition on site for full control. You administrate internally and can do customization.

Data privacy and security

As an European company based in Berlin, OpenProject complies with European and national data protection regulations. It can be used both securely in the cloud and installed on site.

Collaboration beyond your team

Work in your own team, across hierarchies, across departments and units. External partners can also be involved.

Your easy way to digitalization

The use of OpenProject is very intuitive, support is provided by numerous videos, the documentation and the OpenProject team.


As a company based in Berlin, the OpenProject team provides support by a German team that knows your needs.

Learn how our customers use OpenProject
to successfully manage projects.

With OpenProject, the District Office Enzkreis facilitates the information exchange between the project team members. It also uses it to visualize the project’s timeline.

With OpenProject, the City of Ravensburg is able to make the workload of its employees visible. It uses waterfall methods to manage the many projects efficiently.

Project management software for the public sector

Public institutes are looking for ways of efficiently digitalizing processes and have high security requirements.

OpenProject as project management software for public facilities can provide you the “EVB-IT Überlassungsvertrag Typ B”. We will support you with a successful implementation in your organization.

Institutes in the below mentioned fields are already working with OpenProject.

  • City
  • County
  • Council
  • Senate
  • Ministry
  • Parliament
  • Museum
  • Court

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  • Test 14 days for FREE
  • Easy and intuitive
  • Open source