Project management software for the automotive industry

Efficient collaboration across departments and faster decision making processes.

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Improve and speed up your processes with a web-based open source project management system.

Efficient collaboration. Digital and web-based.

Effortless, cross-location collaboration and communication between project members and stakeholders in a central web-based project management system.

Project overview at any time.

Project managers and executives can check on the project status at any time and from anywhere. In addition, delays, but also progress, are immediately visible.

Clear processes and transparency.

You gain through transparency and clear processes in your shared OpenProject. Everyone knows the timing and status of all tasks, responsibilities are clear.

Flexibility and adaptability.

Adaptable to the way of working of each project team or department by customizing goals, projects, processes, members, functions, dashboards.


The Enterprise and Community edition can be installed on site for full control. You administer internally and have the option of customization.

Easy and intuitive to get started.

Simple and intuitive software, web-based and secure. No installation, training or operating costs.

Project management software for the automotive industry

Companies in automotive are looking to efficiently and securely collaborate across departments. Speeding up processes and decision-making is important. OpenProject as a web-based open source project management system supports you in achieving this.

OpenProject for automotive project management is fully compliant with TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange), an industry-specific testing and exchange mechanism of test results from the automotive industry.

Companies in the below mentioned fields are already working with OpenProject.

  • Car manufacturer
  • Automotive supplier
  • Component supplier
  • Car repair shops
  • Car dealer
  • Car rental agencies

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  • Easy and intuitive
  • Open source