Project collaboration software to keep your team connected

Collaborate independently of location and keep everyone up to date.

Team collaboration software

Stay informed and connected with your team

OpenProject allows you to access all information in a web-based system. From meetings to a knowledge database, everything is organized and available at one central place.

Communication between team members is easy, you can keep team members up to date, share information, and notify them about changes.

Integrate a file storage to collaborate on and share project files.


Sharing information made easy

OpenProject as a web-based project management software has different features to share information and keep all team members up to date with the latest project developments.

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@-notify team members in the work package details view


In the notification center you keep informed about all changes and you can make updates yourself.

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You can add a comment or notify team members via @notification. They will receive a notification about the updates.

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Include relevant files for your project direcly via upload to a work package or in a separate documents module.

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Add yourself or other team members as a watcher to keep informed about changes in a work package.

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File storages

Integrate your file storages to easily share and collaborate on project files.

Easily share and collaborate on project-related files with the Nextcloud integration. Have all your files in one central project folder and automatically manage access for all team members.

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OpenProject Nextcloud integration


Collaboratively create and communicate project information

Collaboratively create and maintain a project wiki. Manage project documentation, references, guidelines, user manuals, and much more at one central place and create a knowledge base for your projects and share it with your team and other stakeholders.

You can easily insert, edit and format texts (e.g. copy and paste from Word), include tables, pictures, links, and other references to OpenProject (e.g. work package tables, Gantt charts or tickets). You have all changes at one sight, or export texts (e.g. in Markdown). You can create a detailed navigation structure with a side menu, table of contents, and site hierarchies.

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OpenProject wiki example

Project Activity

See at a glimpse all changes in the project

In the Activity module you will see at a glance what has changed in the project.

The work packages Activity tab displays all updates and comments to a work package to get a quick overview about the changes.

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OpenProject activity example


Discuss topics in a forum

Create different forums in a project and discuss the topics with your team. Post questions and add your comments and document answers.

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OpenProject forums example

Project news

Distribute project news to your team

Create and send around news to your project team about relevant updates in your project, comment on it and link to other relevant project information.

News can be included directly on the project overview page to have an overview about the latest updates.

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OpenProject news example


Create and share meeting agenda and minutes

Meetings in OpenProject allow you to manage and document your project meetings in one central place, prepare a meeting agenda together with your team and document and share meeting minutes with your meeting attendees.

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OpenProject meeting agenda

More features

More powerful features for your project management

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Enterprise add-on

The OpenProject Enterprise add-ons are part of our Enterprise on-premises and cloud plans. With the upgrade to a paid version, you will support the development and maintenance of the open source project.