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OpenProject Community Edition



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OpenProject Cloud Edition


Minimum 5 users

Hosting from the OpenProject experts,
premium features and support


Per member per month.
Billed monthly or annually.

Fixed price for >= 200 members

OpenProject Enterprise Edition


Minimum 5 users

Powerful premium features, high security and professional support


Per member per month.
Billed annually.

Fixed price for >= 200 members

Feature Comparison

You will get powerful premium features and additonal security features
as well as professional support with the Enterprise Edition.

Cloud Edition - We host it


Get started now with our professional OpenProject Hosting and additional Premium Features and Support.

Community Features +

incl. Premium Features

incl. Security Features

incl. Professional Support

  • Guaranteed availability and resolution time based on SLA
  • Priority development and escalation
  • Dedicated senior support team
  • Consulting and training for proactive issue prevention
Enterprise Edition - Premium features


Get Professional Support, Premium Features and Security Features for your self hosted OpenProject.

Community Features +

  • Repositories

incl. Premium Features +

incl. Professional Support +

incl. Security Features

incl. Installation Support

  • Package installation (deb/RPM) and preparation of deployment automation
  • Set up ssl encryption (https)
  • Connection to database management system (MySQL/PostgreSQL)
  • Installation and configuration of email server
  • Connection of data storage (e.g. NFS)
  • LDAP/AD connection
  • Integration to existing Single-Sign-On infrastructure

incl. Security Alerts

  • Monitoring of OpenProject relevant security topics
  • Alerting of responsible contact person
  • Providing of software packages for updates
  • Automated testing

Compare all features side by side

See all features for OpenProject Community, Hosting and Enterprise.
Features Community Cloud Enterprise
Project planning and scheduling
Product roadmap and release planning
Task management and team collaboration
Agile and Scrum
Time tracking, cost reporting and budgeting
Bug tracking
Custom theme and logo
Single sign-on
Attribute highlighting
Intelligent workflows with custom actions
Full text search for work package attachments
Configure work package forms
Multi-select custom fields
Relations in the work package list
Attribute help texts
LDAP authentication  
Two factor authentication  
LDAP user and group sync  
User guides
Professional support
Installation support
Security alerts
Premier support  optional
Corporate premier support optional
Prices per month
€ 4.95 / user
(Minimum: 5 users)
€ 5.95 / user
(Minimum: 20 users)

Prices for Maintenance and Support

Compare our different support plans

Support service levels Professional Support Premier Support Corporate Premier Support
Service hours Mon-Fri, 09:30-17:30 CET Mon-Fri, 09:30-17:30 CET Mon-Fri, 09:00-18:00 CET
Response time – critical incidents 8 h 6 h 2 h
Response time – major incidents best effort 12 h 6 h
Response time – minor incidents best effort 48 h 24 h
Scheduled standby and upgrade assistance  
Priority development and escalation
Support of custom developed plugins    
Support of custom developed themes    
Support channel      
Remote login/remote hands  
On site support    
Dedicated support engineer    
Named support contacts 1 3 8
Prices per month € 125
included in Enterprise Edition AND HOSTING
€ 980 On request

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I get the OpenProject Enterprise Edition?

Please contact us so we can prepare your maintenance contract. After signing this contract we will then provide you further information on the installation procedure and access to the software packages.

What payment options do you offer?

For the cloud product we offer Credit Card payment with Visa or Master Card (monthly payment), PayPal and bank transfer (annual payment). For the other services we offer bank transfer and PayPal.

Why should I use the OpenProject Enterprise Edition?

OpenProject Enterprise Edition builds on top of the Community Edition and includes powerful premium features and additional security features.  Additionally, the Enterprise Edition offers professional support from the OpenProject experts, as well as installation support and security alerts.

How can I upgrade from the Community Edition to the Enterprise Edition?

The upgrade process is straightforward. Please contact us so we can prepare your maintenance contract. We will then provide you upgrade instructions and access to the software packages.

How can I downgrade from the OpenProject Enterprise Edition the Community Edition?

To downgrade to the Community Edition you need to install the packages of the Community Edition. Please note that you will not be able to use the premiun features anymore and you will not be eligible for professional support anymore.

Is the Enterprise Edition Open Source?

Yes, the Enterprise Edition is published under the GPL v3.

Why don’t you offer the Enterprise Edition for free?

The developers of OpenProject love the project. And they love open source developement. They work hard to build powerful new features and fix bugs with every release. However, they also need to pay rent, taxes, healt insurance and so on. To be able to work on OpenProject and keep the speed, they need funding.

Why should I have a maintenance contract for my OpenProject application?

The maintenance contract gives you the peace of mind of a stable and secure OpenProject application. Especially for business critical projects, it gives you the confidence to focus on your core business. So, whenever there is a question or a problem we will help you with that matter.

Can I take my data from the hosted Cloud Edition to a self-hosted Community or Enterprise Edition?

Yes. If you want to switch from a hosted version of OpenProject (Cloud Edition) to a self-hosted version (Community Edition or Enterprise Edition) we can provide you a full dump of your data. Since this requires manual effort for us, we will charge you € 120 for this service if you switch to the Community Edition. If you decide to switch to the Enterprise Edition, we import your data from the Cloud Edition for Free.

What about data security and privacy?

We are highly committed to data privacy and security and comply with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read the OpenProject GDPR compliance statement and an open committment to data security and privacy.

Is there a reseller program for the Enterprise Edition?

Yes, there is. Take a look at the OpenProject reseller page to find out more.

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