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The perfect plan for your team

+€1.00 per user



No minimum users

  • Community features
  • Community support
    • Community tickets
    • Community forum
    • User guides



per user per month 5 minimum users
  • Community features
  • All Enterprise add-ons
  • Basic support

    Mon-Fri, 9:30-16:00 CET Mon-Fri, 9:30 am - 4 pm ET

    All Community support, plus

    • Email support



per user per month 100 minimum users
  • Community features
  • All Enterprise add-ons
  • Premium support

    Mon-Fri, 9:30-17:30 CET Mon-Fri, 9:30 am - 5:30 pm ET

    All Professional support, plus

    • Remote hands
    • Installation and upgrade assistance
    • Dedicated onboarding manager (3h)


On request

250 minimum users
  • Community features
  • All Enterprise add-ons
  • Corporate support

    Mon-Fri, 9:00-18:00 CET Mon-Fri, 9 am - 6 pm ET

    All Premium support, plus

    • Custom plugin support
    • Dedicated support engineer

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Feature comparison

Features per plan

Features Community Basic Professional Premium Corporate
Project overview page
Work packages
Gantt charts / timelines
Baseline comparison (to yesterday)
Agile boards basic
Work week
Scrum (product backlog and taskboard)
Meetings management
Time tracking
Bug tracking
Custom fields
Custom workflows
User groups & permissions
Work package templates
Project templates
My page (personal dashboard)
In-app Notifications
Email summaries
Full text search, incl. work package attachments
Help texts
Nextcloud integration
Repositories (SVN, GIT) only on-premises only on-premises only on-premises only on-premises
Baseline comparisons only for yesterday
Status boards (Kanban)
Team boards
Version boards
Subprojects boards
Work Breakdown Structure
Team planner
Share work packages with external users
Custom theme and logo
Graphs on project overview page
Attribute highlighting
Intelligent workflows with custom action buttons
Date alerts for upcoming and overdue tasks
Configure work package forms
Custom fields for projects on projects list
Display relations in the work package table
Placeholder users
OneDrive/SharePoint integration
Gantt charts PDF export
Share project lists
LDAP authentication
Two-factor authentication
Security alerts
Security badge
LDAP users and group sync
Single sign-on
Antivirus scanning only on-premises only on-premises only on-premises only on-premises

Support comparison

Support per plan

Support Community Basic Professional Premium Corporate
Installation support
Installation support
Personal onboarding manager
Functional support
User guides
Getting started training
Technical support
Support channel
Community ticket (best effort)
Community forum (best effort)
Remote login and remote hands
On site support
Dedicated support engineer
Named support contacts 1 3 8
Support service levels
Service hours Monday to Friday

9:30-16:00 CET

9:30 am - 4 pm ET

Monday to Friday

9:30-17:00 CET

9:30 am - 5 pm ET

Monday to Friday

9:30-17:30 CET

9:30 am - 5:30 pm ET

Monday to Friday

9:00-18:00 CET

9 am - 6 pm ET

Response time - critical incidents 8h 6h 2h 2h
Response time - major incidents Best effort 12h 6h 6h
Response time - minor incidents Best effort 48h 24h 24h
Scheduled standby and upgrade assistance On-premises only On-premises only On-premises only
Security alerts
Ticketing system
Priority development and escalation
Support customizations
Support for the core application which is adapted by custom plugins
Support for custom plugins Monthly billing according to time spent

Add-ons comparison

Add-ons per plan

Add-ons Community Basic Professional Premium Corporate
IFC 3D model upload and viewer
Manage multiple building models in IFC format in parallel
BCF management
Customized permissions for BCF management
Revit integration
Integration with all OpenProject project management features

Integration comparison

Integration per plan

Integrations Community Basic Professional Premium Corporate
GitHub integration
GitLab integration
Nextcloud integration
OneDrive/SharePoint integration

Price Calculation



+ €1.00 monthly subscription

+ €1.00 BIM edition

per user per month





Hosting mode:





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Our discounts

We offer special rates for educational institutions and NGOs

We want to help make a difference and support educational institutions and NGOs with discounts. For more information and if your organization is eligible for a special rate, please check in with us.

Frequently asked questions

The main difference between the two is the hosting mode. The on-premises version will be self-hosted on your own infrastructure while the cloud version will be hosted and maintained by us. Please note that some of the plans are not available for the cloud hosting mode.

We offer a free trial for both hosting options - For the cloud, simply create a 14 days free trial on If you do not decide to upgrade after this time, it will be blocked and deleted automatically without the need of cancellation.
For the on-premises, if you already have the Community version installed, navigate to → Administration → Enterprise edition in your installation. Here, you can simply click the green Start free trial button and you will get a 14 days free trial token via email. If you do not decide to upgrade after this time, it will automatically switch back to the Community version without the need of cancellation. Please find the detailed instruction here.

In general we offer credit card payment for the cloud and on-premises version. On top, we offer payment via invoice (bank transfer) for annual cloud plans and the on-premises plans. However, bank transfer is only possible for organizations based in the EU, Switzerland and the United States.
Please note that we cannot accept payment via check nor PayPal.

Yes, you can always upgrade the amount of users in steps of 5 users. The additional users will be charged on a prorated basis for the current subscription period. A downgrade of users is only possible at the end of a running subscription period.

The additional users are charged on a prorated basis. You will only pay for the remaining time of a current subscription period for these additional users.

Yes, you can upgrade your plan length or the plan itself any time. A downgrade (shorter subscription period or smaller plan) will take effect at the end of a current subscription period.

In OpenProject the number of named users is counted. However, you can block a user in order to free up a user slot for another user. If a user no longer requires access to OpenProject, you can lock that user. The user’s data still persists but the user can no longer sign in. Instead, you can invite another user to your OpenProject environment. To learn more, find more out how to manage users.

The OpenProject Enterprise plans (hosted or on-premises) include different support packages as well as Enterprise add-ons and additional security features.

Yes, for our multi-annual plans we provide discounts. Special arrangements exist for NGOs and educational purposes only.

Yes, we can also issue XRechnungen / eInvoices if needed. In case you require us to issue XRechnungen for you, please contact us via email (

We already added the relevant information to the official contract template “EVB-IT Überlassungsvertrag Typ B”. You can download the pre-filled contract here. Please enter the missing information such as “Auftraggeber” in the header section. In section 3.1 please also specify the number of users in column 3 “Anzahl”. Please also enter the start date and the duration of the contract in the columns 4 to 7. We will then do the pricing calculations in columns 10 and 11 “Monatliche Vergütung”. Please send the contract by email to We will then enter the pricing information and return a signed copy to you.

We are happy to assist with the W9 form. However, as OpenProject is based in Germany, we will fill in the form W8-BEN-E and send it to you. Please contact us via email ( to request this form.