Efficient project planning and scheduling together with your team

Plan and schedule your projects with online timelines.

Deliver your projects on time

Collaborate on your project plan with shared timelines

A project plan visualizes all important project deliverables with its activities, dependencies and milestones on a timeline. With shared online timelines in OpenProject you can collaboratively create and easily maintain your project plan together with your team.

With timeline project management you can schedule your tasks and visualize the required steps to complete your project. As a project manager you are directly informed about delays in your project and can act accordingly.

Gantt charts

Win your team by visualizing your project

Create a web-based and always up-to-date project plan. Share it with your team and other stakeholders to keep everyone informed. The dynamic open source Gantt chart in OpenProject displays phases, tasks and milestones in your project as well as relationships between them.

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Top-down or bottom-up project scheduling

Plan and schedule your projects either from the top or bottom-up. A switch to manual scheduling mode enables phases and milestones to be scheduled independently from their child elements.

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A GIF showing top-down and bottom-up project scheduling

Team planner

Visually plan your team's workload

The team planner allows you to visually assign tasks to team members in a weekly, bi-weekly, 4-weekly or 8-weekly view. It gives you an overview on what the team members are working on and when their work packages are starting and ending. Create project-overarching reports by including several projects.

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Team planner overview

Multi-project timelines

Overarching project planning with multi-project views

Create a multi-project timeline to display all activities, phases and milestones within your project and sub-projects. Also, you can create project overarching timelines by filtering and including respective projects in one joint plan.

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Relations in a project plan

Work week

Get a more accurate schedule by defining your work week

Administrators can define which days of the week are considered working and non-working days, and how many hours each working day should comprise. This setting defines what OpenProject should consider to be a normal work week when scheduling work packages to then also calculate the duration of work packages.

You can also define specific dates (such as national or local holidays) as non-working days to take any additional days into account that your team is not supposed to work.

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Global work week

Date alerts

Never miss a deadline

Date alerts allow you to receive a notification when a start date or a finish date is approaching for a work package. You can choose alerts before the event, on the day or once it is passed and set the alerts in different intervals.

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Date alerts settings

Zoom level

View from daily up to a yearly timeline

You can configure the zoom level of your timeline from a daily view up to a yearly or even multiple-yearly basis. An auto-zoom helps you to find the ideal view.

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Changing the zoom level in a project plan

Customized view

Create timelines with customized columns, labels and filters

Configure the timelines with customizable columns, filters, and additional labels and share them with your team to see exactly what you need, e.g. only the milestones within a project.

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Filter in a project plan to create a customized view

Zen mode

Work or present undisturbed in full screen view

Activate the zen mode to work and present undisturbed and to focus on the tasks at hand. It is a full screen view in the browser that hides the header menu and page navigation.

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Activate the Zen mode

In-line editing

Easily add new elements to your timeline and change positions with drag and drop

If you want to add further elements to your project plan you can easily create them directly in your plan and change the order with drag and drop. Also, you can indent elements to set them as children.

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Add and change elements in the project plan with inline-editing

Relations and hierarchies

Create and visualize dependencies within your project plan

You can create different relations in the Gantt chart, such as timely relations predecessor and follower or hierarchies such as parent and child relations.

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Relations in a project plan


Export your work plan to different formats

You can export your work packages to various formats such as PDF, XLS or CSV, print it or even synchronize it with MS Excel.

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Export formats for a project plan

Work packages

The heart of your project

You create and define all deliverables of your project with work packages. They make up the task management and integrate into your Gantt chart.

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Be up to date and on top of your deadlines

Track all your work package timings in your integrated project calendar to know your tasks, deadlines and deliver on time. Subscribe to the calendar via URL (iCalendar).

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Calendar view

More features

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