User guide

Welcome to the OpenProject User guide.

This guide covers all of OpenProject’s functionalities from a user’s perspective.

Overview of projects in OpenProject

Your work within OpenProject can be organized into multiple projects, each with a distinct set of members and their respective roles in that project. In turn, each project can be individually configured with regards to the enabled features, called Modules in OpenProject. This distinction between projects provides you with a lot of flexibility to set up your work, and control what users are allowed to view and/or collaborate on in each individual project.

Both the Community edition and Enterprise edition allow you to create an unlimited number of projects to separate your work. To learn more about the creation and management of projects within OpenProject, please visit our separate section on projects.

Overview of modules in OpenProject

Module is defined as an independent unit of functionality that can be used to extend and improve the existing core functions.

Within a project Modules can be activated and deactivated under “Modules” in the project settings menu by project members who have sufficient permissions to adjust project settings. Which modules or single functionalities will be available within projects is controlled in the global Administration settings (please see System admin guide to see how this is done).

Please choose the module or feature you want to learn more about.

Topic Content
Activity How to find out about the latest activities in a project.
Backlogs (Scrum) How to manage a Scrum team in OpenProject with a product backlog and taskboard.
Baseline comparison View and compare changes in a work package table within a given period of time.
Boards How to work with Agile boards for agile project management, e.g. Kanban.
Budgets How to create and manage a project budget.
Calendar How to display your work in a calendar in OpenProject.
Documents How to upload and share documents in OpenProject.
Forums How to manage forums to discuss and comment on topics.
Gantt chart How to create and manage a project plan in a Gantt chart.
GitHub How to manage the GitHub integration.
GitLab How to manage the GitLab integration.
Meetings How to manage meetings to create and share meeting agenda and meeting minutes.
Members How to manage Members in a project.
News How to create and manage News for your projects.
Nextcloud integration How to link and use Nextcloud files and folders in OpenProject.
OneDrive/SharePoint integration How to link and use SharePoint files and folders in OpenProject.
Projects Edit, create, copy, delete projects and change project settings.
Project overview page How to create a project overview dashboard with important project information.
Roadmap How to create a product roadmap with OpenProject.
Team planner How to use the team planner module.
Time and costs How to track time and costs in OpenProject and report spent time and costs.
Wiki How to create and manage a wiki to collaboratively document and share information.
Work packages How to manage your work in a project.