OpenProject 5.0.2

OpenProject 5.0.2 contains several bug fixes and additional translations for the OpenProject core and plugins.

The following bugs have been fixed with OpenProject 5.0.2:

  • The link to create new forum boards was incorrect. It has been fixed (#22142).
  • Creating new documents (using the documents plugin) was not possible due to an error. The bug has been fixed (#22140).
  • An error was resolved which prevented work packages from being displayed when appending a slash at the end (#21997).
  • Several design fixes have been include (#22088, #21876).

Additionally, the order of default roles has been changed (#22044).

In addition, new translations have been added to OpenProject and the plugins.

Thanks to everyone who helped to translate and proof read OpenProject!

To help translate OpenProject, please take a look at the OpenProject CrowdIn projects.

For further information on the release, please refer to the
Changelog v.5.0.2 or take a look at GitHub.