Time tracking and cost reporting

Time and costs functionality in OpenProject allows keeping track of the resources, both in terms of labor and budgets. With OpenProject you can always keep control of the time and costs planned for and spent on the projects.

Create budgets, log time and costs on specific work packages and create time and cost reports based on your needs.

Topic Content
Progress tracking How to track progress for work packages
Time tracking How to log time to work packages.
Cost tracking How to track unit costs spent in a project.
Time and cost reporting How to create time and cost reports.

Time tracking, cost tracking and reporting video tutorial

Watch this short video to get a first overview about time and cost reporting in OpenProject.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Does OpenProject provide resource management?

Please note that OpenProject currently does not yet support resource management. However, this is scheduled in our roadmap as one of our main topics. Our use cases provide examples for workarounds to support resource management within OpenProject.