Project portfolio management enables you to see the big picture

Plan, prioritize and monitor your project portfolio.

Stay on top of your projects

Manage your project portfolio of agile, waterfall and hybrid projects

Project portfolio management is the basis for the holistic planning, prioritization and coordination of all activities in a project to guarantee the project’s success. Use OpenProject to utilize your limited resources efficiently & effectively.

A multitude of OpenProject features allows you to have a detailed overview of your entire project portfolio, be it classic, agile or a combination of both. Customize your views to have all relevant information available. And add projects to your favorites to quickly access the projects you work on most.

Project list

All your projects at a glance

Never lose track of all your projects. Keep an overview of all your projects with its status and activities in differently filtered project lists. Add projects to your favorites to quickly navigate to them. Create private project lists which you can filter and sort as you like. If you wish to, you can also export your project list or open it as Gantt view.

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A GIF image showing that clicking on the "View all projects" shows the entire project list

Project hierarchy

Structure your project portfolio

Manage all your projects in OpenProject. Create as many projects and sub-projects to have the complete portfolio at your fingertips.

Structure your projects by using parent and child projects, i.e. you can create a hierarchy with sub-projects.

A project can also represent functional or organizational units of a company, e.g. to have departments and topics separated.

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Project hierarchy image

Multi-project view

Overarching project planning

Plan your projects in a global multi-project view and have phases, tasks and milestones of all your projects in one joint plan or filter for the ones important to you.

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Project overview

Your important project information at one sight

Display all important information of a selected project in a single dashboard, for example project description, project status, project members, news, spent time, and progress on work packages.

You can customize the dashboard by adding project information as widgets. Order and re-size the widgets according to your needs.

Organize custom project attributes in sections and keep track of your project at all times.

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Project portfolio

Your custom project list

Create your project portfolio overview by customizing your project list and creating additional project attributes, e.g. a project ID, project owner or project progress. You will have all relevant information about your projects at a glance which can also be filtered, saved and shared with the team.

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Project portfolio image

Project templates

Save time with templates

Set up everything that you want to have available for future projects and save it as a template. Even existing projects can be saved as templates. Next time setting up a project will be much faster by selecting a project template. Then you will only need to fill in the relevant information for the new project.

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My Page

Your personal dashboard

The My Page is your personal dashboard with important overarching project information, such as work package reports, news, spent time, or a calendar. All widgets available are related to your work, e.g. work packages assigned to you. Choose from a variety of widgets to configure the My Page to your specific needs.

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Project reports

Visualize your project progress

Add work package graphs to your project overview in order to identify progress or gaps quicker. The work package graph widgets display information about the work packages within a project.

Choose between different graph views to display your work packages, such as a bar graph or a pie chart.

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Project reports in OpenProject

Project changes

View the latest changes in your project

The project activity view gives you an overview of all recent changes within a project. These include changes to work packages, project attributes, incl. project custom fields, and other modules.

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Project changes

Global modules

Access all project information from a global overview page

All information from your projects, such as work packages, gantt charts, team planners, boards, or meetings are listed on a global overview page.

Create new objects directly from this overview page and assign them to the respective project.

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Global modules overview in OpenProject

More features

More powerful features for your project management

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