Project management software for
healthcare businesses

Professionally plan and implement complex projects with OpenProject
in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes or as a medical products manufacturer.

Test 14 days for FREE.Open source.Easy and intuitive.

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Charité Berlin
Thera Trainer
Rehab center Bellikon
Uniklinik Freiburg
Uniklinik Essen
Kuhlemann Medical IT

The open source solution for demanding project management in the healthcare sector

Your easy way to digitalization.

Your easy way to

Simple and intuitive software, web-based and secure. No installation or operating costs. Digitalize processes with OpenProject and save time, costs and resources.

Efficient, interdisciplinary collaboration.

Efficient, interdisciplinary collaboration.

Work web-based across departments. All information is available in the system at any time, for everyone and from anywhere. Discussions and meetings are minimized and collaboration is more efficient.

Flexibility for all projects.

Flexibility for
all projects.

OpenProject offers a large number of classic and agile project management functions that you can use depending on the type of project: whether for investment, research, administration or IT projects.

Clear processes

Clear processes.

Create common processes and standards in OpenProject that you can transfer to all sites and/or other departments.

Data privacy and security

Data privacy and security.

As a European company based in Berlin, OpenProject complies with European and national data protection regulations. Use it securely in the cloud as well as installed on site.

on premise


The Enterprise and Community Editions can be installed on site for full control. You administrate internally and have the option of customization.

Learn how our customers use OpenProject to successfully manage projects.

The Rehabilitation Clinic Bellikon uses OpenProject to manage portfolio projects and projects within departments.

Project management features for healthcare businesses

Connect all disciplines in a central web-based project management system. OpenProject has the features for each of your projects - whether investment, research and development, administration or IT project.

Project management software for
healthcare businesses

Healthcare organisations are looking to professionally
plan and implement complex projects. OpenProject is
the open source solution for demanding project
management. Companies in the below mentioned fields
are already working with OpenProject. Get your free
trial now.

  • Hospital
  • Clinic
  • Nursing home
  • Practice
  • Rehab facility
  • Medical products manufacturer

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