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Union Community Care

Union Community Care IT team finds comprehensive and transparent project management solution with OpenProject.
Union Community Care
Daniel Uzupis
OpenProject lends itself to project collaboration without integrations, bloat, or distracting messaging. Additionally, because our purpose is to spark equity through patient-led healthcare, we identify with OpenProject’s ethical values.

Daniel Uzupis
Union Community Care
Chief Information Officer (CIO)

OpenProject saves every day for community IT healthcare team

Kanban boards support collaborative work

Kanban boards help the team work together and independently to complete tasks and projects on time. They give the team an overview of project status without getting lost in the details. The team also loves the calendar and to-do integrations.

Kanban boards are great because they help teams visualize, manage, and optimize their workflow, leading to increased productivity, collaboration, and satisfaction. Kanban boards help teams manage their workflow by breaking down tasks into smaller, manageable units and organizing them into columns representing different stages of the process. This allows teams to track the progress of each task and identify bottlenecks or areas for improvement.

Open source software is a priority

Open source software is important to Unity Community Care because control of their system and technology is critical to their daily operation. This is common for healthcare institutions working with sensitive data and patient information.

Transparency through open source fosters trust and allows users to verify that the software behaves as claimed, enhancing security and reliability. OpenProject’s open source software adheres to industry standards and interoperability protocols, promoting compatibility and integration with other systems and technologies.

Non-profit pricing is critical

Pricing is important to non-profit organizations because it contributes to their financial sustainability, resource allocation, mission alignment, perceived value, competition, differentiation, and accountability.

Union Community Care’s purpose is to spark equity through patient-led healthcare that welcomes and strengthens our communities by integrating body, mind, and heart. They identify with OpenProject’s consideration of non-profit charities for pricing, which they say is missing from most other software providers.

Why did Union Community Care choose OpenProject for their project management system?

Open source software

Open source provides full transparency with the code and the option to contribute to the community.

Attractive price model

In addition to its wide range of feature, OpenProject also stands out with its attractive pricing model, especially in comparison to well-known competitors.

Roles and permissions

With OpenProject, authorizations can be configured in such detail that everyone can work in one system, from viewing and editing to administration.

Standard system

With OpenProject, the whole organization can follow the same processes and use the features that work best for them.

Photos from Daniel Uzupis, Union Community Care


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