Best open source project management software alternative

OpenProject is the best open source alternative for project management software or bug tracking software.

  • Open source
  • Intuitive and web-based
  • High security and data privacy

#1 Open Source Project management

Choose the best open source project management software alternative

Have you ever asked yourself how OpenProject compares to the many other project management softwares?

We understand that making an informed decision is crucial when it comes to selecting the right IT solution for your needs. That is why we have taken the initiative to conduct a comprehensive comparison between OpenProject and other service providers. Explore our list of benefits and discover why OpenProject stands out as the ultimate project management solution.

Bug tracking software alternatives

Compare OpenProject to these bug tracking alternatives and see why it is the best option.

OpenProject Unique selling proposition

Secure and privacy-compliant open source alternative for project management

Free and open source software

OpenProject is the leading open source project management software, licensed under GNU GPL v3. The software code is freely available on GitHub. Changes to the source code can be transparently tracked at any time. This means that there is no vendor lock (commitment to a supplier).

The Community version of OpenProject can be downloaded and installed for free. It is actively maintained by an international open source developer community.

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Highest security and privacy requirements

OpenProject meets the highest privacy and security requirements. The company is based in Berlin, Germany and places its emphasis on developing a secure and privacy-compliant European alternative for project management and team collaboration. Our commitment to privacy and security is reflected in every aspect of our product and operations. We understand the importance of safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring it remains confidential.

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Data sovereignty

With OpenProject, users retain full control over their data. With the self-installed version running on your own servers, OpenProject offers the highest level of data sovereignty. Alternatively, hosting is provided on demand on secure servers within Germany. Subcontractors are based in the EU, there is no user tracking on websites or within the application. OpenProject enables our users to work with confidence and peace of mind.

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Comprehensive project management features

OpenProject models the entire project lifecycle, from project planning, through implementation and project controlling, to project completion. The software supports classic, agile and hybrid project management. The software includes extensive project management features, such as project and milestone planning (Gantt charts), task tracking, agile boards, project wiki, meetings planning and management, forums, time and cost tracking, budgets.

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The software is flexibly configurable and can thus be adapted to individual requirements suitable for the respective company processes. With a powerful API, additional systems can be connected as needed.

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Active maintenance and development

OpenProject is continuously developed and maintained by an active developer community. New features, improvements and updates are released regularly. This also allows a quick reaction to possible security gaps.

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Professional support and training

OpenProject GmbH offers professional support and training. This ensures that users receive both technical and functional support to work with the software in the best possible way.

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