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OpenProject is the best open source Odoo alternative for project management

Odoo Project is a project management tool provided by Odoo, an open-source enterprise resource planning software suite. Odoo offers project management and task creation, setting deadlines and assigning responsibilities to other team members. Other Odoo apps, such as accounting, CRM, sales, human resources, etc can be integrated. Clearly, Odoo offers a variety of features. However, if you are looking for a project management tool, OpenProject is your best choice. Let us find out why OpenProject is the best and real open source alternative for Odoo Project.

What does OpenProject offer?

OpenProject and Odoo Project are both open source project management tools, offering cloud hosting, as well as on-premises installations. However, Odoo does not fully embrace the open source philosophy. The Community edition of OpenProject offers a comprehensive feature set. The Community version of Odoo does not allow customizations without additional fee-based apps. For instance, in order to create custom fields you have to install the Odoo Studio, which is not a part of the Community edition.
An important issue with Odoo is the fact that an upgrade to a new version cannot realistically be performed independently, since no migration scripts are published. Odoo recommends to hand over the data in order for an upgrade or migration to run smoothly. If users have to give up their data sovereignty, it does not correspond to the open source principles. OpenProject publishes the migration scripts, so that our users can independently update to the newest version without us ever needing to access their data. If you are looking for a real open source alternative to Odoo Project, take a look at the following table and learn why OpenProject is the best Odoo alternative.

OpenProject vs. Odoo

Compare both tools side by side and decide for yourself

Features OpenProject Odoo
Open source software
Yes, but data transfer for migration is required.
Available on-premises
Available in the cloud
Comprehensive project management features
Meeting management
Additional Odoo app is required.
Document management
Additional Odoo app is required.
Professional support
Yes, but for business specific cases additional support packages have to be purchased.
Data server in EU/Germany
Headquarters in the EU.
Data stored in EU/Germany on request.
Customer data is stored in one of Odoo regions (Americas, Asia or Europe). Data backups cannot be restricted to Europe.

Secure Open Source Alternative

Why is OpenProject better than Odoo for project management

If you are especially looking for a real open source alternative focusing on project management, take a look at the following advantages and learn why OpenProject is the best choice.

Truly open source

OpenProject truly embraces the open source philosophy. OpenProject does not require any customer data for software updates and openly publishes migration scripts. Odoo recommends to hand over the customer data in order for an update to run smoothly.

Comprehensive Community edition

The Community edition of OpenProject is truly free, it allows creating custom fields for work packages, custom workflows, and documentation integration. All of these are not available in the Community version of Odoo Project and would require you using additional Odoo apps, such as Odoo Studio or Documents, forcing an upgrade to a paid version.

No compromises in data security

If you decide to go with the cloud edition, you can be sure that your data is safe. OpenProject stores all of the data in the EU. With Odoo storing data only in the European region has to be requested and is based on current availability. Limiting the backup data storage to Europe is not supported by Odoo.

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