Task management software for transparent responsibilities and tracking of progress

Get your tasks and other issues done faster and with less stress.

Get your things done

Keep track of everything that is important in your project.

With OpenProject’s task management software you can easily create, assign and manage your work. As a project manager you stay always on top of the latest development. Make your teams work lives simpler, more productive, and more pleasant. OpenProject is the easiest way for teams to track their work – and get results.

Everybody knows the goals and works with the team to get there. Organize your own tasks and assign tasks to one of your teammates. With OpenProject you have all tasks and other issues and communication in one place.

Task list

Create an overview and clear responsibilities for the whole team

The dynamic task list provides an overview of all the work that has to be completed. See the progress, who is working on which tasks and what tasks have an approaching deadline. Never lose track of any tasks or other issues in your projects. Display the list of open tasks and use filters to show critical issues. Prioritize and assign tasks to team members. Transition easily to project planning by activating the Gantt chart and setting dates as well as relationships between tasks.

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Baseline comparison

Track progress and changes for your projects

Get a quick overview of what has changed over time in your project, making it easier to report on progress and status. Comparisons to yesterday are part of the Community edition.

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OpenProject baseline comparison

Filters and customized views

See what is important for you and your team

As the number of work packages in a project grows, you want to be able to view what is relevant for you and your team.

The powerful filter in OpenProject allows you to filter and group work packages in the list to see exactly what you need.

You can filter the list by any criteria, such as ID, type, status, assignee, date, priority, and many more including custom fields.

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Filter work packages

Configure the work package table with the columns you need, group and sort it.

To quickly access your preferred configured work package view, save them and add them to the project menu on the left as your favorite views.

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work package table configuration


Never miss a change

With in-app notifications you will keep informed about all changes in your projects. Edit or comment directly in the notification center.

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Notification center

Comments, watcher and history

Keep your team members up to date

OpenProject as a web-based task management software makes it easy to keep everyone up to date. Comment on a work package and notify your team members by using @name. All activities around a work package are tracked and can be looked up by everyone.

Take it a step further for the team member who is involved more and assign this person as a watcher to a work package. He or she will get notified about all changes made to the work package.

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Comment and notify in a work package

Highlighting attributes

Have your priorities at a glance

See at a glance which work packages require your attention. OpenProject allows you to highlight the work packages’ status, priority and finish date based on their values.

Customize how you want the selected work packages to be displayed and use your individual colors.

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Work package table with highlighted attributes

Display work package relations

Show dependencies between tasks

In project management it is often helpful to get an overview of the different relations and dependencies, e.g. when planning a release or finalizing features. Expand the work package column menu and display the relations.

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Email to task

Automating your task management

OpenProject stands for powerful collaboration. Simplify and speed up your task management, customer or services requests by using the “email to task” functionality.

OpenProject is able to receive incoming emails and create and update work packages, or reply in forums depending on the content of the email.

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filter project list

Bug tracking software

File all bugs and prioritize them to process

OpenProject can be implemented as open source bug tracking software. It enables your team to easily create and follow-up on bugs and thus develop great products.

Easily create bugs based on individual templates to save time and reduce errors. Specify, prioritize and assign bugs to the respective person and version to be fixed and follow up on the progress.

Additionally, the dynamic bug lists provide a detailed overview at any time. Filter and group based on your needs to create detailed bug reports for stakeholders.

Furthermore, integrate your full project management by activating Gantt charts, or prioritize your bugs in the agile boards.

bug tracking software

File management

Have your files available in the right place

You can attach documents to work packages with drag and drop or select the file from a folder and upload it to the work package. The files will show in the work package detail view in the files tab.

Besides that, OpenProject offers Nextcloud and OneDrive/SharePoint integration (Enterprise add-on) to manage your files. If you have a Nextcloud or a OneDrive account, you can link it to OpenProject. These integrations allow users to link files and folders in these storage platforms with work packages in OpenProject. This makes it possible to see all files related to a work package (in OpenProject) and all work packages related to a file (in Nextcloud or OneDrive/SharePoint).

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Work package detail view with tab files

Excel import

Import your files from Excel to OpenProject

Easily import and turn your spreadsheets into lists or timelines in OpenProject. Here you can work collaboratively with the team and have an immediate overview of all changes.

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OpenProject Excel import

More features

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Enterprise add-on

The OpenProject Enterprise add-ons are part of our Enterprise on-premises and cloud plans. With the upgrade to a paid version, you will support the development and maintenance of the open source project.