OpenProject Download and Installation

Install and operate the leading web-based open source project management software on-premises in your own infrastructure.

Installation of the OpenProject Community edition.

Installation with DEB/RPM packages

The packaged installation of OpenProject is the recommended way to install and maintain OpenProject using DEB or RPM packages.

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Installation with Docker container

We provide a Docker image that you can very easily install and update on your servers.

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Installation with Kubernetes

We support installation via the container orchestration tool Kubernetes.

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Installation with Helm charts

We provide OpenProject Helm charts for installation via Docker container.

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Why install OpenProject?

Benefits of the OpenProject Community edition compared to other project management software.

OpenProject is free and open source software for project management and team collaboration.

  • The Community version of OpenProject can be downloaded and installed for free. It is 100% open source software to manage projects along the entire project-lifecycle. The web-based software can be downloaded and operated on major Linux distributions or via Docker container.
  • Software freedom and full control of your data.
  • Superior UX and stability in an open source project.
  • Low entry barriers to collaborate with the project team.
  • Continuous developments and maintenance by an active community.
  • Provides project management guidance and best practices.

Upgrade to the Enterprise on-premises edition

Your team will be even more productive with the powerful Enterprise add-ons of OpenProject.
Additional security features and support guarantee highest standards to manage business critical projects.

Community edition

The OpenProject Community edition is the leading open source project management software that comes with regular updates and new releases for free.

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Enterprise on-premises

The Enterprise on-premises edition includes additional Enterprise add-ons and professional services that help you to leverage the power of open source for your organization.

All community features

  • Support
  • Enterprise add-ons
  • Security features
  • Training
  • Installation

Let us do the hosting

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