Agile boards for Kanban, Scrum, and agile project management

Act fast and in a flexible way and adopt an iterative approach.

Agile project management software

Iterate, learn and adapt with agile project management

Complex and uncertain projects need agile project management. Teams can operate faster to build, measure and learn with each iteration. OpenProject is the perfect tool for agile teams that want to work in a flexible way and use agile methodologies such as Kanban or Scrum.

Agile teams can create multiple boards, prioritize a sprint backlog, estimate, and track tasks. These features are tightly integrated with other modules such as roadmap planning, bug tracking and task management. Therefore, it also enables a hybrid project management approach. Become a more agile organization with OpenProject.

Agile boards

Plan, prioritize and keep track of status, progress and to dos

The flexible agile boards view in OpenProject is designed to organize and prioritize your work with your team, keep an eye on everything that is important and visualize the progress of work to be done in a project.
Scrum and Agile Boards increase your team's productivity, improve collaboration, and let you keep track of the things that matter. Boards can be for anything that you need to keep track of: managing tasks, developing features, prioritizing bugs, monitoring risks, planning sprints or releases, spreading ideas, anything!

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Basic boards

Flexible and easy to get started

The flexible basic boards can be configured to your needs, it is easy to get started and fun to work with. They do not automate any updates, e.g. for status, when moving a card between columns.

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Flexible basic boards

Advanced boards

Efficient and intuitive agile workflow management

The advanced boards allow you to speed up and automate your workflows. Choose between many advanced boards. They will automatically change attributes, such as status, assignee, or version, when moving a card from one to the next column.

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Advanced agile boards

Kanban boards

A status board for agile teams to visualize and structure work and automate workflows

The advanced status board is probably the most used agile board. Start with the three basic status “new”, “in progress” and “closed” and see what status you might need according to your way of working.

With a status board, you can implement the Kanban principle, and support agile and DevOps teams structure their daily work, and continuously optimizing their workflow.

A Kanban board is an agile project management tool that allows you to visualize tasks, limit ongoing (WIP) tasks and increase efficiency.

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Status board for Kanban

Team boards

See who is working on what in a cross-functional team

In a cross-functional team you would like to know who is working on what and if everything is on track. The assignee board gives a clear overview of responsibilities, shows how busy the teams are and if all tasks are distributed.

Add team members or groups to the assignee board and visualize and distribute your team’s workload.

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Assignee board

Version boards

Support your agile roadmap planning and product development

The advanced version board is a board with automated columns based on versions. Ideal for planning product development.

Manage your requirements, features, bugs and prioritize them for different product versions or releases in a visual approach.

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Version boards for product development

Subproject boards

Show and distribute your work between subprojects

Distribute the work between subprojects and keep an overview in complex project structures.

Every list in this board represents a subproject. Within the list you will find the subproject’s work packages.

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Subproject board

Work breakdown structure

Create and visualize a work breakdown structure for your projects

The parent-child board allows you to create and visualize a work breakdowns structure in your project.

Break your work down into smaller pieces. Add phases with corresponding child elements and add details, prioritize, see the status.

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Parent-child boards for work breakdown structure

Product backlog for Scrum

Prioritize your product backlog and plan your sprints

As one of the scrum tools, the backlog is a list that contains everything needed to achieve a specific outcome. Plan and prioritize and assign to the next sprint.
Backlogs can be used in different ways: product backlog, bug backlog, idea backlog or a backlog to process sprints. You can make it fit your needs.

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OpenProject backlogs view


Work efficiently in your sprints

The web-based task board acts as a central point for a team to support your daily meetings, plan and prioritize next steps and review progress. Your task board allows your team to stay on the same page and work more efficiently. It contains all of the information concerning each task at every stage of the workflow.

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OpenProject taskboard

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