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OpenProject is the best open source Trello alternative for project management

Trello is a hugely popular, very intuitive project management and issue tracking software with millions of users worldwide. Its easy-to-use Kanban-style approach separates it from many other tools. A few years ago Trello has become part of Atlassian. OpenProject is the best open source alternative to Trello you will find.

What does OpenProject offer?

OpenProject and Trello both offer agile project management features, as well as release management through product roadmaps. Since becoming part of Atlassian, Trello expanded the features offer via other Atlassian products. Trello is not an open source software and there is no self-hosted version available. This can be an issue for companies that prioritize data security and privacy. Take a look at the comparison table and see for yourself.

OpenProject vs. Trello

Compare both tools side by side and decide for yourself

Features OpenProject Trello
Open source software
Available on-premises
Available in the cloud
Comprehensive project management features
Custom theme and logo
Data server in EU/Germany
Headquarters in the EU.
Data stored in EU/Germany on request.
Data is stored on AWS infrastructure, it is possible to contain it within European region, but has to be actively requested.

Secure Open Source Alternative

Why is OpenProject better than Trello for project management

If you are especially looking for an open source alternative to Trello which you can also use self-hosted, take a look at the following advantages and learn why OpenProject is the best Trello alternative.

We are open source

Trello is a proprietary software. Therefore, users run the risk of depending solely on the vendor to make code adjustments and implement feature requests. OpenProject is an open source software and as such it can be the more secure and more cost efficient option. It provides absolute transparency and high flexibility levels, it can foster collaboration, while enabling a faster market entry. This article on choosing an open source software further elaborates on the advantages over a proprietary solution.

Host your own on-premises edition

With its strong commitment to data privacy and information security, OpenProject offers self-hosting through the Enterprise on-premises edition. An on-premises software offers the highest security level and allows to comply with the strictest data security regulations and ensures reliability. OpenProject provides the flexibility to customize, resulting a level of control over data processing and storage that the cloud often cannot offer. In addition, it offers a Powerful API for the integration of any application. Trello does not offer an on-premises solution.

No compromises in data protection

If you decide to go with the cloud edition, you can be sure that your data is safe. OpenProject has its headquarters in the EU, is GDPR compliant by default and stores all of the data in the EU. When using Trello you have to proactively request using that option.

Everything from a single source

While Trello offers a lot of features, many functionalities are only available through integrating external plugins. This may require additional effort and makes you dependent on a plugin owner for feature upgrades. These external plugins may need to be purchased and can get quite expensive. OpenProject develops the core functionalities itself, thus keeping control of the development process and is able to keep the solution cost-effective.

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