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Find out why OpenProject is the best open source ClickUp alternative for project management.

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OpenProject is the best open source ClickUp alternative for project management

ClickUp, founded in 2017, is a cloud-based project management software tool. It is mainly focused on task management and team collaboration. OpenProject is a more robust project management software tool that allows users to replace outdated systems with a comprehensive, modern, and flexible platform.

What does OpenProject offer?

Both ClickUp and OpenProject offer a comprehensive project management features set, both offer cloud hosting. However, OpenProject is also available on-premises, both as a free Community version and as an Enterprise edition with excellent support. This ensures unparalleled security and privacy standards, which are of highest priority both to OpenProject and our customers across all industries, including government, healthcare and academics. If you are looking for an open source alternative to ClickUp take a look at the following table and learn why OpenProject is the best ClickUp alternative.

OpenProject vs. ClickUp

Compare both tools side by side and decide for yourself

Features OpenProject ClickUp
Open source software
Available on-premises
Available in the cloud
Comprehensive project management features
Team planner
Data server in EU/Germany
Headquarters in the EU.
Data stored in EU/Germany on request.
ClickUp headquarters is in the US. Localized data hosting is only available for the enterprise plan customers.

Secure Open Source Alternative

Why is OpenProject better than ClickUp for project management

OpenProject is the best open source alternative to ClickUp for project management software.

Security and privacy

OpenProject’s on-premises edition allows you to have absolute control over your data. OpenProject’s Cloud edition secures your data under GDPR and stores data in the EU.

Open source

OpenProject is an open source software, providing absolute transparency and high flexibility. This article on choosing an open source software further elaborates on the advantages over a proprietary solution.

Customizable features

OpenProject’s features offer more than task management such as Kanban boards, Gantt charts, dynamic meetings, custom notifications and themes. These features are updated constantly and enhance the project management functionalities that OpenProject offers.

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