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OpenProject is the best open source Bugzilla alternative for project management

Bugzilla is a popular bug tracking and software development tool which has been around for over 20 years. It offers bug and time tracking, custom fields and custom workflows. OpenProject is the best open source Bugzilla alternative.

What does OpenProject offer?

OpenProject and Bugzilla both offer classic issue tracking features. However, OpenProject also enables release management through product roadmaps. It also adds sophisticated project management features, such as project planning and scheduling with Gantt charts, meeting management and cost tracking. Compared to Bugzilla, OpenProject is much stronger in usability and provides regular releases with updates and improvements. If you are looking to switch to an active open source bug tracking software, OpenProject is the best choice.

OpenProject vs. Bugzilla

Compare both tools side by side and decide for yourself

Features OpenProject Bugzilla
Open source software
Available on-premises
Available in the cloud
Comprehensive project management features
Project planning and scheduling (Gantt charts)
Agile boards
Data server in EU/Germany
Headquarters in the EU.
Data stored in EU/Germany on request.
No hosting, nor data processing by Bugzilla itself.

Secure Open Source Alternative

Why is OpenProject better than Bugzilla for project management

If you are especially looking for an active and modern alternative to Bugzilla, take a look at the following advantages and learn why OpenProject is the best Bugzilla alternative.

We are actively maintained

We provide up to four major releases a year and regular updates with bug fixes and improvements. An outdated software may lead to security breaches, therefore it is most essential that the security fixes are provided promptly.

No compromises in usability

Software should not only be functional, but also intuitive and visually appealing. In comparison to Bugzilla, OpenProject invests in a user-friendly interface to make the user experience most enjoyable. The layout is responsive and mobile-friendly.

Everything from a single source

With OpenProject you can not only track and fix bugs, but also plan and execute entire projects. You can visualize timelines, track time and costs, include agile boards, manage documents and meetings or create forums to connect your teams and foster communities.

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