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Rehabilitation Clinic Bellikon

The Rehabilitation Clinic Bellikon uses OpenProject to manage portfolio projects and projects within departments. All employees are involved and can contribute ideas.
Rehabilitation Clinic Bellikon
OpenProject makes our project management much easier. The clear Gantt Chart visually supports the planning and can be easily edited. Collaboration in the team is made easier by the fact that all information is available to all project members transparently in one system at all times. In addition, we can optimally document and track the status of the work packages based on the activities.

Daniel Meiler
Rehabilitation Clinic Bellikon
Senior Project Officer

OpenProject - all information in one application

The Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic uses OpenProject for all strategic projects. Internal and external team members work together in OpenProject, which contains all project information. There are no additional documents stored on a drive. The Wiki is used instead of Excel or Word files to document contacts or requirements, accesses, product comparisons, FAQs, etc. Meetings are logged in OpenProject. This provides full transparency in the project. Everyone has access to all information at any time from any place.

Not only strategically planned projects are implemented in OpenProject. Because the use of OpenProject is very intuitive, one can work with the project management software with minimal introduction. And only if a software is EASY to use, will it be used.

Why the Rehabilitation Clinic Bellikon appreciates project management with OpenProject


Full transparency because all information is stored in OpenProject and is accessible to everyone.

Easy to use

OpenProject is intuitive. Members with little project management experience learn very quickly on the job.

External partner

The integration of external partners makes it possible to have all information in one place.


OpenProject offers many options for individual configuration, such as custom fields.


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