File Management FAQs

Why am I not allowed to see/read a certain file in OneDrive/SharePoint or Nextcloud?

It is possible that you lack the necessary permissions to view a certain file. In this case please contact your administrator.

Another explanation may be that you have been removed from a project in OpenProject, which will also mean that you lost your viewing or reading privileges in OneDrive/SharePoint or Nextcloud project folders.

It can also be that case, that a project admin revoked your permission to view files on file storages within a project in OpenProject.

Can I rename a project with an established file storage (Nextcloud or OneDrive/SharePoint) connection?

Yes, that is possible. If you work with automatically managed folders, the corresponding project folder will also be renamed automatically after a few minutes.

Is there a virus scanner for the files attachments in OpenProject?

Yes, there is a virus scanner for attachments in OpenProject. At the moment it is only available for on-premises installations and is an Enterprise add-on. Your system administrator will need to configure it first.