Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for Backlogs

What can I do to show the tasks of shared sub-projects in the backlog?

This is not possible. “Work packages from sub-projects are not displayed in the backlog of a main project” is the currently implemented behavior.

I assigned a version to work packages. Why can’t I see them in the respective backlog?

Please make sure that

  • The respective version is not in the status “locked” or “closed”
  • The respective version is assigned to a column in the backlog (see Project settings ->Versions).
  • The work packages you want to display in the backlog are of a type that gets displayed in the backlog. If not: Either change the work package type or change the backlog setting (see Administration ->Backlogs).

When I try to move a work package to another column in the task board I receive an error message similar to “Backlog Plugin 500 Internal Server Error”. What can I do?

Please try these approaches:

  • check whether your role in the current project (e.g. “Member”) has sufficient rights to move the the work package (e.g. from “new” to “in progress”) in the workflow settings
  • remove unused story types in the administration
  • deactivate the Backlogs module in the project settings

How can I change the user’s colors in the task board?

The colors can be changed in each user’s personal settings: Please click on your avatar, then navigate to My account ->Settings ->Backlogs. There you can change the task color.