Time tracking with TimeCamp

Please note that the TimeCamp integration is not officially supported by OpenProject and consequently is not actively maintained.

TimeCamp allows you to track your time spent on OpenProject work packages with a start/stop button. The times will then be recorded in your TimeCamp account.


You can install a browser add-in to track time via TimeCamp in OpenProject. This way, you can record time spent directly in a work package in OpenProject via a start/stop button. You need to register an account in TimeCamp in order to use this feature.

This integration can be added for Google Chrome as TimeCamp extension.


  1. Download the TimeCamp Google Chrome plugin.

    TimeCamp extension in Google Chrome shop

  2. Add the extension.

    pop up to allow to add extension

  3. Pin TimeCamp to your browser.

    TimeCamp instructions how to pin the extension to the browser

Using TimeCamp in OpenProject

  1. Create a TimeCamp account if you do not have one yet.

  2. In TimeCamp, add a new project and tasks to it if you have not got anything set up yet.

    TimeCamp account with a new project which shows 2 tasks

    The time tracked in OpenProject will later on appear in TimeCamp on the task that you select.

  3. Log in to OpenProject, open a project and go to a work package.

    If you are already logged in, please make sure to log out and back in again so that the TimeCamp projects and tasks will appear in OpenProject.

    OpenProject work package detail view with green start button to start timer

    Only in the work package form you will see the green TimeCamp Start timer button.

  4. Click on Start timer and select a task from your TimeCamp projects that you would want to use for tracking your time.

    OpenProject work package detail view with drop down from start timer to select TimeCamp project and task

  5. The timer button turns red, indicating that time is being recorded.

    OpenProject work package detail view with red timer button recording the time

  6. Stop the timer by clicking on the red button indicating the time that has passed.

Time report

Go to you TimeCamp account, to the Timesheet and your tracked time appears there.

TimeCamp Timesheet