OpenProject 6.0.4

OpenProject 6.0.4 contains several bug and accessibility fixes.

The following bugs have been fixed in OpenProject 6.0.4:

  • The + New Project button was displayed even to users who didn’t have the permission to create new work packages (#23881).
  • Work package attribute were sometimes not saved properly when multiple attributes were changed in quick succession (#23589).
  • In the work package split screen the subject was not updated when it was changed in the work package table (#23879).
  • The project list on the work package screen appeared to be ordered randomly. It’s now sorted alphabetically (#23786).
  • The global setting to display work packages from subprojects in main projects did not work (#23814).
  • The Cancel button on wiki pages was missing (#23829).
  • The link to add additional work package attachments on the wiki page redirected users to the landing page instead (#23820).
  • Wiki menu items were showing the slug instead of the title (#23818).
  • The Send for review button on the meeting page did not work when a timezone was set (#23758).
  • Cost reports grouped by year and months were displayed in the wrong order (#23773).
  • Several styling errors have been fixed (#23808, #23834).
  • Several missing translations have been added (e.g. #23877).

Thanks a lot to the community, in particular to Marc Vollmer, for reporting bugs!

For further information on the release, please refer to the
Changelog v.6.0.4 or take a look at GitHub.

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