Work package settings

To change basic settings for work package tracking in OpenProject, navigate to Administration → Work packages → Settings.


You can adjust the following:

  1. Allow cross-project work package relations, i.e. that work packages created in one project can have relations to work packages in another project, for example parent-children work packages.

  2. Display subprojects work packages in main projects by default. This way the work packages of subprojects will always be visible in the main project if a user has the corresponding role in the subproject to see work packages.

  3. Use current date as start date for new work packages. This way the current date will always be set as a start date if your create new work packages. Also, if you copy projects, the new work packages will get the current date as start date.

  4. Progress calculation lets you pick between two modes for how the % Complete field is calculated for work packages.

  • Work-based: % Complete is automatically calculated based on Work and Remaining work values for that work package, both of which are then necessary to have a value for % Complete.

  • Status-based: you will have to define fixed % Complete values for each work package status, which will update automatically when team members update the status of their work packages.

    Note: When switching progress calculation mode from one to another, you will see a warning message.

    • Changing progress calculation mode from work-based to status-based will result in all existing % Complete values to be lost and replaced with values associated with each status. Existing values for Remaining work may also be recalculated to reflect this change. This action is not reversible.

    • Changing progress calculation mode from status-based to work-based will make % Complete a non-editable field whose value is derived from Work and Remaining work. Existing values for % Complete are preserved. If values for Work and Remaining work were not present, they will be required in order to change % Complete.

    Warning message when changing progress calculation mode in OpenProject administration

  1. Default highlighting mode (Enterprise add-on) defines which should be the default attribute highlighting mode, e.g. to highlight the following criteria in the work package table. This setting is only available for Enterprise on-premises and Enterprise cloud users.

    default highlighting mode

  2. Customize the appearance of the work package lists to define which work package attributes are displayed in the work package lists by default and in what order.

Do not forget to save your changes with the green Save button at the bottom.