Environment variables

NOTE: This documentation is for OpenProject on-premises Installations only, if you would like to setup similar in your OpenProject cloud instance, please contact us at support@openproject.com

When using environment variables, you can set the options by setting environment variables with the name of the options below in uppercase. So for example, to configure email delivery via an SMTP server, you can set the following environment variables:


In case you want to use environment variables, but you have no easy way to set them on a specific system, you can use the dotenv gem. It automatically sets environment variables written to a .env file for a Rails application.

Please be aware that only those variables shall be edited which are documented as not everything is meant to be configured or bend.

Nested values

You can override nested configuration values as well by joining the respective hash keys with underscores. Underscores within keys have to be escaped by doubling them. For example, given the following configuration:

    access_token: 'token'

You can override it by defining the following environment variable:


You can also add new values this way. For instance you could add another field ‘insecure’ to the subversion configuration above like this:


Mind, these options are simply examples. Neither are they an exhaustive list, nor will they appear as possible options for the OPENPROJECT_SCM option listed in the section on supported environment variables below. This is due to the nature of that option as a hash which will allow passing of arbitrary values which are simply passed through to the scm adapter used.

Seed variables

Some of the provided variables are only applicable during the seeding of a new installation (i.e., during the first start or run of the db:seeds setup task).

These variables are prefixed with OPENPROJECT_SEED_* to identify them. Changing these variables to a new value in a running system of OpenProject will likely have no effect unless explicitly marked in the configuration guides.

Passing data structures to the app

The configuration uses YAML to parse overrides from ENV. Using YAML inline syntax, you can:

  1. Pass a symbol as an override using OPENPROJECT_ATTACHMENTS__STORAGE=":file"

  2. Pass arrays by wrapping values in brackets (e.g., [val1, val2, val3]).

  3. Pass hashes with {key: foo, key2: bar}.

To pass symbol arrays or hashes with symbol keys, use the YAML !ruby/symbol notation. Example: {!ruby/symbol key: !ruby/symbol value} will be parsed as { key: :value }.

Please note: The Configuration is a HashWithIndifferentAccess and thus it should be irrelevant for hashes to use symbol keys.

Important: If you pass in entire hashes in the ENV, you need to ensure that the values are YAML-parsable. In some cases, this might mean wrapping strings into !!str "*test", as it will be parsed as an alias otherwise.

Here an Example:

Configured in the /etc/openproject/conf.d/env like this:


# is the same as

OPENPROJECT_ENTERPRISE="{ fail_fast: true }"

# in the old configration.yml it looked like this

  fail_fast: true

Supported environment variables

A list of all configuration variables that can be overridden by defining them in the environment from bash could be generated by executing the following rake task:

For packaged installations:

sudo openproject run bundle exec rake setting:available_envs

For Docker installations:

docker exec -it $(docker ps | grep web | cut -d' ' -f 1) bash -c "RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake setting:available_envs"

The default value is also visible for each variable in parenthesis. The following are the correct values at the time of writing and that you should use the commands shown above to make sure to get the up-to-date list.

OPENPROJECT_ACTIVITY__DAYS__DEFAULT (default=30) Days displayed on project activity
OPENPROJECT_AFTER__FIRST__LOGIN__REDIRECT__URL (default=nil) URL users logging in for the first time will be redirected to (e.g., a help screen)
OPENPROJECT_AFTER__LOGIN__DEFAULT__REDIRECT__URL (default=nil) Override URL to which logged in users are redirected instead of the My page
OPENPROJECT_APIV3__CORS__ENABLED (default=false) Enable CORS headers for APIv3 server responses
OPENPROJECT_APIV3__CORS__ORIGINS (default=[]) API V3 Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) allowed origins
OPENPROJECT_APIV3__DOCS__ENABLED (default=true) Enable interactive APIv3 documentation as part of the application
OPENPROJECT_APIV3__ENABLE__BASIC__AUTH (default=true) Enable API token or global basic authentication for APIv3 requests
OPENPROJECT_APIV3__MAX__PAGE__SIZE (default=1000) Maximum API page size
OPENPROJECT_APP__TITLE (default="OpenProject") Application title
OPENPROJECT_APPSIGNAL__FRONTEND__KEY (default=nil) Appsignal API key for JavaScript error reporting
OPENPROJECT_ATTACHMENT__MAX__SIZE (default=5120) Attachment max. size
OPENPROJECT_ATTACHMENT__WHITELIST (default=[]) Attachment upload whitelist
OPENPROJECT_ATTACHMENTS__GRACE__PERIOD (default=180) Time to wait before uploaded files not attached to any container are removed
OPENPROJECT_ATTACHMENTS__STORAGE (default=:file) File storage configuration
OPENPROJECT_ATTACHMENTS__STORAGE__PATH (default=nil) File storage disk location (only applicable for local file storage)
OPENPROJECT_AUTH__SOURCE__SSO (default=nil) Configuration for Header-based Single Sign-On
OPENPROJECT_AUTHENTICATION (default=nil) Configuration options for global basic auth
OPENPROJECT_AUTOFETCH__CHANGESETS (default=true) Autofetch repository changes
OPENPROJECT_AUTOLOGIN (default=0) Autologin
OPENPROJECT_AUTOLOGIN__COOKIE__NAME (default="autologin") Cookie name for autologin cookie
OPENPROJECT_AUTOLOGIN__COOKIE__PATH (default="/") Cookie path for autologin cookie
OPENPROJECT_AUTOLOGIN__COOKIE__SECURE (default=false) Cookie secure mode for autologin cookie
OPENPROJECT_AVAILABLE__LANGUAGES (default=["en", "de", "fr", "es", "pt", "it", "zh-CN", "ko", "ru"]) Available languages
OPENPROJECT_AVATAR__LINK__EXPIRY__SECONDS (default=86400) Cache duration for avatar image API responses
OPENPROJECT_BACKUP__ATTACHMENT__SIZE__MAX__SUM__MB (default=1024) Maximum limit of attachment size to include into application backups
OPENPROJECT_BACKUP__DAILY__LIMIT (default=3) Maximum number of application backups allowed per day
OPENPROJECT_BACKUP__ENABLED (default=true) Enable application backups through the UI
OPENPROJECT_BACKUP__INCLUDE__ATTACHMENTS (default=true) Allow inclusion of attachments in application backups
OPENPROJECT_BACKUP__INITIAL__WAITING__PERIOD (default=86400) Wait time before newly created backup tokens are usable
OPENPROJECT_BCC__RECIPIENTS (default=true) Blind carbon copy recipients (bcc)
OPENPROJECT_BLACKLISTED__ROUTES (default=[]) Blocked routes to prevent access to certain modules or pages
OPENPROJECT_BOARDS__DEMO__DATA__AVAILABLE (default=false) Internal setting determining availability of demo seed data
OPENPROJECT_BRUTE__FORCE__BLOCK__AFTER__FAILED__LOGINS (default=20) Number of login attempts per user before assuming brute force attack
OPENPROJECT_BRUTE__FORCE__BLOCK__MINUTES (default=30) Number of minutes to block users after presumed brute force attack
OPENPROJECT_CACHE__EXPIRES__IN__SECONDS (default=nil) Expiration time for memcache entries, empty for no expiry be default
OPENPROJECT_CACHE__FORMATTED__TEXT (default=true) Cache formatted text
OPENPROJECT_CACHE__MEMCACHE__SERVER (default=nil) The memcache server host and IP
OPENPROJECT_CACHE__NAMESPACE (default=nil) Namespace for cache keys, useful when multiple applications use a single memcache server
OPENPROJECT_COMMIT__FIX__DONE__RATIO (default=100) Progress to apply when commit fixes work package
OPENPROJECT_COMMIT__FIX__KEYWORDS (default="fixes,closes") Keywords to look for in commit for fixing work packages
OPENPROJECT_COMMIT__FIX__STATUS__ID (default=nil) Assigned status when fixing keyword is found
OPENPROJECT_COMMIT__LOGS__ENCODING (default="UTF-8") Encoding used to convert commit logs to UTF-8
OPENPROJECT_COMMIT__LOGTIME__ACTIVITY__ID (default=nil) Activity for logged time
OPENPROJECT_COMMIT__LOGTIME__ENABLED (default=false) Allow logging time through commit message
OPENPROJECT_COMMIT__REF__KEYWORDS (default="refs,references,IssueID") Keywords used in commits for referencing work packages
OPENPROJECT_CONSENT__DECLINE__MAIL (default=nil) Consent contact mail address
OPENPROJECT_CONSENT__INFO (default={"en"=>"## Consent\n\nYou need to agree to the [privacy and security policy](https://www.openproject.org/data-privacy-and-security/) of this OpenProject instance."}) Consent information text
OPENPROJECT_CONSENT__REQUIRED (default=false) Consent required
OPENPROJECT_CONSENT__TIME (default=nil) Consent time
OPENPROJECT_CROSS__PROJECT__WORK__PACKAGE__RELATIONS (default=true) Allow cross-project work package relations
OPENPROJECT_CROWDIN__IN__CONTEXT__TRANSLATIONS (default=true) Add crowdin in-context translations helper
OPENPROJECT_DATABASE__CIPHER__KEY (default=nil) Encryption key for repository credentials
OPENPROJECT_DEFAULT__AUTO__HIDE__POPUPS (default=true) Whether to automatically hide success notifications by default
OPENPROJECT_DEFAULT__COMMENT__SORT__ORDER (default="asc") Default sort order for activities
OPENPROJECT_DEFAULT__LANGUAGE (default="en") Default language
OPENPROJECT_DEFAULT__PROJECTS__MODULES (default=["calendar", "board_view", "work_package_tracking", "news", "costs", "wiki"]) Default enabled modules for new projects
OPENPROJECT_DEFAULT__PROJECTS__PUBLIC (default=false) New projects are public by default
OPENPROJECT_DIFF__MAX__LINES__DISPLAYED (default=1500) Max number of diff lines displayed
OPENPROJECT_DIRECT__UPLOADS (default=true) Enable direct uploads to AWS S3. Only applicable with enabled Fog / AWS S3 configuration
OPENPROJECT_DISABLE__BROWSER__CACHE (default=true) Prevent browser from caching any logged-in responses for security reasons
OPENPROJECT_DISABLE__PASSWORD__CHOICE (default=false) If enabled a user's password cannot be set to an arbitrary value, but can only be randomized.
OPENPROJECT_DISABLE__YJIT (default=false) Disables Ruby's YJIT JIT compiler.
OPENPROJECT_DISABLE__PASSWORD__LOGIN (default=false) Disable internal logins and instead only allow SSO through OmniAuth.
OPENPROJECT_DISABLED__MODULES (default=[]) A list of module names to prevent access to in the application
OPENPROJECT_DISPLAY__SUBPROJECTS__WORK__PACKAGES (default=true) Display subprojects work packages on main projects by default
OPENPROJECT_DROP__OLD__SESSIONS__ON__LOGIN (default=false) Destroy all sessions for current_user on login
OPENPROJECT_DROP__OLD__SESSIONS__ON__LOGOUT (default=true) Destroy all sessions for current_user on logout
OPENPROJECT_EDITION (default="standard") OpenProject edition mode
OPENPROJECT_EE__MANAGER__VISIBLE (default=true) Show or hide the Enterprise configuration page and enterprise banners
OPENPROJECT_EMAIL__DELIVERY__METHOD (default=nil) Email delivery method
OPENPROJECT_EMAIL__LOGIN (default=false) Use email as login
OPENPROJECT_EMAILS__FOOTER (default={"en"=>""}) Emails footer
OPENPROJECT_EMAILS__HEADER (default={"en"=>""}) Emails header
OPENPROJECT_ENABLE__INTERNAL__ASSETS__SERVER (default=false) Serve assets through the Rails internal asset server
OPENPROJECT_ENABLED__PROJECTS__COLUMNS (default=["project_status", "public", "created_at", "latest_activity_at", "required_disk_space"]) Visible in project list
OPENPROJECT_ENABLED__SCM (default=["subversion", "git"]) Enabled SCM
OPENPROJECT_ENTERPRISE__CHARGEBEE__SITE (default="openproject-enterprise") Site name for EE trial service
OPENPROJECT_ENTERPRISE__PLAN (default="enterprise-on-premises---euro---1-year") Default EE selected plan
OPENPROJECT_ENTERPRISE__TRIAL__CREATION__HOST (default="https://augur.openproject.com") Host for EE trial service
OPENPROJECT_FEEDS__ENABLED (default=true) Enable Feeds
OPENPROJECT_FEEDS__LIMIT (default=15) Feed content limit
OPENPROJECT_FILE__MAX__SIZE__DISPLAYED (default=512) Max size of text files displayed inline
OPENPROJECT_FIRST__WEEK__OF__YEAR (default=nil) First week in year contains
OPENPROJECT_FOG (default={}) Configure fog, e.g. when using an S3 uploader
OPENPROJECT_FOG__DOWNLOAD__URL__EXPIRES__IN (default=21600) Expiration time in seconds of created shared presigned URLs
OPENPROJECT_FORCE__FORMATTING__HELP__LINK (default=nil) You can set a custom URL for the help button in the WYSIWYG editor.
OPENPROJECT_FORCE__HELP__LINK (default=nil) You can set a custom URL for the help button in application header menu.
OPENPROJECT_FORCED__SINGLE__PAGE__SIZE (default=250) Forced page size for manually sorted work package views
OPENPROJECT_GRAVATAR__FALLBACK__IMAGE (default="404") Set default gravatar image fallback
OPENPROJECT_HEALTH__CHECKS__AUTHENTICATION__PASSWORD (default=nil) Add an authentication challenge for the /health_check endpoint
OPENPROJECT_HEALTH__CHECKS__BACKLOG__THRESHOLD (default=20) Set threshold of outstanding HTTP requests to fail health check
OPENPROJECT_HEALTH__CHECKS__JOBS__NEVER__RAN__MINUTES__AGO (default=5) Set threshold of outstanding background jobs to fail health check
OPENPROJECT_HEALTH__CHECKS__JOBS__QUEUE__COUNT__THRESHOLD (default=50) Set threshold of backed up background jobs to fail health check
OPENPROJECT_HIDDEN__MENU__ITEMS (default={}) Hide menu items in the menu sidebar for each main menu (such as Administration and Projects).
OPENPROJECT_HOME__URL (default=nil) Override default link when clicking on the top menu logo (Homescreen by default).
OPENPROJECT_HOST__NAME (default="localhost:3000") Host name
OPENPROJECT_HSTS (default=true) Allow disabling of HSTS headers and http -> https redirects
OPENPROJECT_HTTPS (default=false) Set assumed connection security for the Rails processes
OPENPROJECT_ICAL__ENABLED (default=true) Enable iCalendar Subscriptions
OPENPROJECT_IMPRESSUM__LINK (default=nil) Impressum link to be set, hidden by default
OPENPROJECT_INTERNAL__PASSWORD__CONFIRMATION (default=true) Require password confirmations for certain administrative actions
OPENPROJECT_INVITATION__EXPIRATION__DAYS (default=7) Activation email expires after
OPENPROJECT_JOURNAL__AGGREGATION__TIME__MINUTES (default=5) User actions aggregated within
OPENPROJECT_LDAP__FORCE__NO__PAGE (default=nil) Force LDAP to respond as a single page, in case paged responses do not work with your server.
OPENPROJECT_LDAP__GROUPS__DISABLE__SYNC__JOB (default=false) Deactivate regular synchronization job for groups in case scheduled as a separate cronjob
OPENPROJECT_LDAP__USERS__DISABLE__SYNC__JOB (default=false) Deactive user attributes synchronization from LDAP
OPENPROJECT_LDAP__USERS__SYNC__STATUS (default=false) Enable user status (locked/unlocked) synchronization from LDAP
OPENPROJECT_LOG__LEVEL (default="debug") Set the OpenProject logger level
OPENPROJECT_LOG__REQUESTING__USER (default=false) Log user login, name, and mail address for all requests
OPENPROJECT_LOGIN__REQUIRED (default=false) Authentication required
OPENPROJECT_LOGRAGE__FORMATTER (default=nil) Use lograge formatter for outputting logs
OPENPROJECT_LOST__PASSWORD (default=true) Activate or deactivate lost password form
OPENPROJECT_MAIL__FROM (default="openproject@example.net") Emission email address
OPENPROJECT_MAIL__HANDLER__BODY__DELIMITER__REGEX (default="") Truncate emails matching this regex
OPENPROJECT_MAIL__HANDLER__BODY__DELIMITERS (default="") Truncate emails after one of these lines
OPENPROJECT_MAIL__HANDLER__IGNORE__FILENAMES (default="signature.asc") Ignored mail attachments
OPENPROJECT_MAIN__CONTENT__LANGUAGE (default="english") Main content language for PostgreSQL full text features
OPENPROJECT_MIGRATION__CHECK__ON__EXCEPTIONS (default=true) Check for missing migrations in internal errors
OPENPROJECT_NEW__PROJECT__USER__ROLE__ID (default=nil) Role given to a non-admin user who creates a project
OPENPROJECT_OAUTH__ALLOW__REMAPPING__OF__EXISTING__USERS (default=true) When set to false, prevent users from other identity providers to take over accounts connected to another identity provider.
OPENPROJECT_OMNIAUTH__DIRECT__LOGIN__PROVIDER (default=nil) Clicking on login sends a login request to the specified OmniAuth provider.
OPENPROJECT_ONBOARDING__ENABLED (default=true) Enable or disable onboarding guided tour for new users
OPENPROJECT_ONBOARDING__VIDEO__URL (default="https://player.vimeo.com/video/163426858?autoplay=1") Onboarding guide instructional video URL
OPENPROJECT_OVERRIDE__BCRYPT__COST__FACTOR (default=nil) Set a custom BCrypt cost factor for deriving a user's bcrypt hash.
OPENPROJECT_PASSWORD__ACTIVE__RULES (default=["lowercase", "uppercase", "numeric", "special"]) Active character classes
OPENPROJECT_PASSWORD__COUNT__FORMER__BANNED (default=0) Number of most recently used passwords banned for reuse
OPENPROJECT_PASSWORD__DAYS__VALID (default=0) Number of days, after which to enforce a password change
OPENPROJECT_PASSWORD__MIN__ADHERED__RULES (default=0) Minimum number of required classes
OPENPROJECT_PASSWORD__MIN__LENGTH (default=10) Minimum length
OPENPROJECT_PER__PAGE__OPTIONS (default="20, 100") Objects per page options
OPENPROJECT_PLAIN__TEXT__MAIL (default=false) Plain text mail (no HTML)
OPENPROJECT_PLUGIN__COSTS (default={"costs_currency"=>"EUR", "costs_currency_format"=>"%n %u"})
OPENPROJECT_PLUGIN__OPENPROJECT__AUTH__SAML (default={"providers"=>nil})
OPENPROJECT_PLUGIN__OPENPROJECT__AVATARS (default={"enable_gravatars"=>true, "enable_local_avatars"=>true})
OPENPROJECT_PLUGIN__OPENPROJECT__BACKLOGS (default={"story_types"=>nil, "task_type"=>nil, "points_burn_direction"=>"up", "wiki_template"=>""})
OPENPROJECT_PLUGIN__OPENPROJECT__RECAPTCHA (default={"recaptcha_type"=>"disabled"})
OPENPROJECT_PLUGIN__OPENPROJECT__TWO__FACTOR__AUTHENTICATION (default={"active_strategies"=>[], "enforced"=>false, "allow_remember_for_days"=>0})
OPENPROJECT_PROJECT__GANTT__QUERY (default=nil) Project portfolio Gantt view
OPENPROJECT_RAILS__ASSET__HOST (default=nil) Custom asset hostname for serving assets (e.g., Cloudfront)
OPENPROJECT_RAILS__CACHE__STORE (default=:file_store) Set cache store implemenation to use with OpenProject
OPENPROJECT_RAILS__RELATIVE__URL__ROOT (default="") Set a URL prefix / base path to run OpenProject under, e.g., host.tld/openproject
OPENPROJECT_REGISTRATION__FOOTER (default={"en"=>""}) Registration footer
OPENPROJECT_REMOTE__STORAGE__DOWNLOAD__HOST (default=nil) Host the frontend uses to download files, which has to be added to the CSP.
OPENPROJECT_REMOTE__STORAGE__UPLOAD__HOST (default=nil) Host the frontend uses to upload files to, which has to be added to the CSP.
OPENPROJECT_REPORT__INCOMING__EMAIL__ERRORS (default=true) Respond to incoming mails with error details
OPENPROJECT_REPOSITORIES__AUTOMATIC__MANAGED__VENDOR (default=nil) Automatic repository vendor type
OPENPROJECT_REPOSITORIES__ENCODINGS (default=nil) Repositories encodings
OPENPROJECT_REPOSITORY__AUTHENTICATION__CACHING__ENABLED (default=true) Enable caching for authentication request of version control software
OPENPROJECT_REPOSITORY__CHECKOUT__DATA (default={"git"=>{"enabled"=>0}, "subversion"=>{"enabled"=>0}})
OPENPROJECT_REPOSITORY__LOG__DISPLAY__LIMIT (default=100) Maximum number of revisions displayed on file log
OPENPROJECT_REPOSITORY__STORAGE__CACHE__MINUTES (default=720) Repository disk size cache
OPENPROJECT_REPOSITORY__TRUNCATE__AT (default=500) Maximum number of files displayed in the repository browser
OPENPROJECT_REST__API__ENABLED (default=true) Enable REST web service
OPENPROJECT_SAML (default=nil)
OPENPROJECT_SCM (default={})
OPENPROJECT_SCM__LOCAL__CHECKOUT__PATH (default="repositories")
OPENPROJECT_SECURITY__BADGE__DISPLAYED (default=true) Display security badge
OPENPROJECT_SECURITY__BADGE__URL (default="https://releases.openproject.com/v1/check.svg") URL of the update check badge
OPENPROJECT_SEED__ADMIN__USER__MAIL (default="admin@example.net") E-mail to set for the initially created admin user.
OPENPROJECT_SEED__ADMIN__USER__NAME (default="OpenProject Admin") Name to set for the initially created admin user.
OPENPROJECT_SEED__ADMIN__USER__PASSWORD (default="admin") Password to set for the initially created admin user (Login remains "admin").
OPENPROJECT_SEED__ADMIN__USER__PASSWORD__RESET (default=true) Whether to force a password reset for the initially created admin user.
OPENPROJECT_SELF__REGISTRATION (default=2) Self-registration
OPENPROJECT_SENDMAIL__ARGUMENTS (default="-i") Arguments to call sendmail with in case it is configured as outgoing email setup
OPENPROJECT_SENDMAIL__LOCATION (default="/usr/sbin/sendmail") Location of sendmail to call if it is configured as outgoing email setup
OPENPROJECT_SESSION__COOKIE__NAME (default="_open_project_session") Set session cookie name
OPENPROJECT_SESSION__TTL (default=120) Session expiry time after inactivity
OPENPROJECT_SESSION__TTL__ENABLED (default=false) Session expires
OPENPROJECT_SHOW__COMMUNITY__LINKS (default=true) Enable or disable links to OpenProject community instances
OPENPROJECT_SHOW__PENDING__MIGRATIONS__WARNING (default=true) Enable or disable warning bar in case of pending migrations
OPENPROJECT_SHOW__SETTING__MISMATCH__WARNING (default=true) Show mismatched protocol/hostname warning. In cases where they must differ this can be disabled
OPENPROJECT_SHOW__STORAGE__INFORMATION (default=true) Show available and taken storage information under administration / info
OPENPROJECT_SHOW__WARNING__BARS (default=true) Render warning bars (pending migrations, deprecation, unsupported browsers)
OPENPROJECT_SMTP__AUTHENTICATION (default="plain") SMTP authentication
OPENPROJECT_SMTP__DOMAIN (default="your.domain.com") SMTP HELO domain
OPENPROJECT_SMTP__ENABLE__STARTTLS__AUTO (default=false) Automatically use STARTTLS if available
OPENPROJECT_SMTP__OPENSSL__VERIFY__MODE (default="peer") Globally set verify mode for OpenSSL. Careful: Setting to none will disable any SSL verification!
OPENPROJECT_SMTP__PORT (default=587) SMTP port
OPENPROJECT_SMTP__SSL (default=false) Use SSL connection
OPENPROJECT_SMTP__USER__NAME (default="") SMTP username
OPENPROJECT_SOFTWARE__NAME (default="OpenProject") Override software application name
OPENPROJECT_SOFTWARE__URL (default="https://www.openproject.org/") Override software application URL
OPENPROJECT_SQL__SLOW__QUERY__THRESHOLD (default=2000) Time limit in ms after which queries will be logged as slow queries
OPENPROJECT_START__OF__WEEK (default=nil) Week starts on
OPENPROJECT_STATSD (default={"host"=>nil, "port"=>8125}) enable statsd metrics (currently puma only) by configuring host
OPENPROJECT_SYS__API__ENABLED (default=false) Enable internal system API for setting up managed repositories
OPENPROJECT_SYS__API__KEY (default=nil) Internal system API key for setting up managed repositories
OPENPROJECT_USER__DEFAULT__TIMEZONE (default=nil) Users default time zone
OPENPROJECT_USER__FORMAT (default=:firstname_lastname) Users name format
OPENPROJECT_USERS__DELETABLE__BY__ADMINS (default=false) User accounts deletable by admins
OPENPROJECT_USERS__DELETABLE__BY__SELF (default=false) Users allowed to delete their accounts
OPENPROJECT_WEB (default={"workers"=>2, "timeout"=>120, "wait_timeout"=>10, "min_threads"=>4, "max_threads"=>16}) Web worker count and threads configuration
OPENPROJECT_WELCOME__ON__HOMESCREEN (default=false) Display welcome block on homescreen
OPENPROJECT_WELCOME__TEXT (default=nil) Welcome block text
OPENPROJECT_WELCOME__TITLE (default=nil) Welcome block title
OPENPROJECT_WORK__PACKAGE__DONE__RATIO (default="field") Calculate the work package done ratio with
OPENPROJECT_WORK__PACKAGE__LIST__DEFAULT__COLUMNS (default=["id", "subject", "type", "status", "assigned_to", "priority"]) Display by default
OPENPROJECT_WORK__PACKAGE__LIST__DEFAULT__HIGHLIGHTED__ATTRIBUTES (default=[]) Default inline highlighted attributes
OPENPROJECT_WORK__PACKAGE__LIST__DEFAULT__HIGHLIGHTING__MODE (default="none") Default highlighting mode
OPENPROJECT_WORK__PACKAGE__STARTDATE__IS__ADDDATE (default=false) Use current date as start date for new work packages
OPENPROJECT_WORK__PACKAGES__PROJECTS__EXPORT__LIMIT (default=500) Work packages / Projects export limit
OPENPROJECT_WORKING__DAYS (default=[1, 2, 3, 4, 5]) Set working days of the week (Array of 1 to 7, where 1=Monday, 7=Sunday)
OPENPROJECT_YOUTUBE__CHANNEL (default="https://www.youtube.com/c/OpenProjectCommunity") Link to YouTube channel in help menu

Environment-specific configuration variables


PostgreSQL statement_timeout

In docker installations, there is a default statement_timeout of 90s set for the docker image. To override this value in case you’re getting statement timeout errors such as “ERROR: canceling statement due to statement timeout”, use the environment variable POSTGRES_STATEMENT_TIMEOUT