OpenProject 5.0.1

OpenProject 5.0.1 contains several bug fixes and additional translations for the OpenProject core and plugins.

The following bugs have been fixed with OpenProject 5.0.1:

  • An error in the documents plugin caused an error on the enumeration page (#22093).
  • A bug has been fixed which prevented custom fields for time tracking to be displayed (#22116).
  • An error which prevented managed remotes used for SVN to be accessible on localhost has been fixed (#22095).
  • The watch icon did not update the list of watchers when the user was on the watchers tab (#21946).
  • A redirect to work packages in private projects did not work when the user had to login first (#21868).
  • The work package create button was not disabled while creating a work package – leading to possible conflicts (#22070).
  • Several styling fixes have been applied (#22028, #22062).
  • A wrong English translation has been adjusted (#22092).

In addition, new translations have been added to OpenProject and the plugins.

Thanks to everyone who helped to translate and proof read OpenProject!

To help translate OpenProject, please take a look at the OpenProject CrowdIn projects.

For further information on the release, please refer to the
Changelog v.5.0.1 or take a look at GitHub.