Project settings

Customize your project in the project settings.

Open a project via the Select a project drop-down menu and navigate to -> Project settings in the project menu.


Note: You have to be a project administrator in order to see and access the project settings.


Topic Content
Project information Define project name, subproject, description, project status, and much more.
Project attributes View and edit project attributes in a project.
Modules Activate or deactivate modules in a project.
Work package types Activate or deactivate work package types in a project.
Work package categories Create and manage work package categories.
Custom fields Activate or deactivate custom fields for a project.
Versions Create and manage versions in a project.
Repository Activate and manage a SVN or GIT repository for a project.
Activities (time tracking) Activate or deactivate Activities (for time tracking) in a project.
Backlogs settings Manage backlogs settings for a project.
Files Manage the storages connected to the project, add project folders and activate manual attachment uploads.