OpenProject 7.0

OpenProject 7.0 is the biggest OpenProject release yet with amazing new features: A new interactive timeline, hierarchies in the work package table, multi-select custom fields and much more.

New integrated Gantt chart / timeline

OpenProject 7.0 introduces a new Gantt chart which is integrated in the work package table (#13785).

The new timeline is much more interactive and user-friendly than the old timeline.

Display hierarchies in work package table

You can display hierarchies on the work package table and collapse and expand them (#24647).

Attribute group configuration for work package types

With OpenProject 7.0 you can configure which attributes are displayed for a work package type (#24123).

You can therefore control which attributes are shown and which are hidden by default.

Filter based on date in work package table

The work package table now supports filtering based on fixed dates. This affects all date attributes (e.g. start / due date, created on / updated on) (#22585).

New header navigation

The header navigation in OpenProject is updated and displays the current project. Additionally, the logo has been centered and existing menus have been reordered (#24465).

Archive and delete projects from project settings

As an administrator you can archive and delete projects right from the project settings (#24913).

Zen-mode on work package page

With the zen mode on the work package table, you can maximize the available screen real estate by hiding the side and top navigation (#18216).

This provides a cleaner and larger user interface to work with.

Multi-select custom fields (Enterprise add-on)

Users of the OpenProject Enterprise on-premises and Enterprise cloud can create multi-select custom fields (#24793).

With these custom fields you can select multiple values for work package custom fields at once and also filter based on them.

Logo upload and custom color scheme (Enterprise add-on)

Users of the OpenProject Enterprise cloud and Enterprise on-premises edition can upload their own company’s logo instead of the OpenProject logo.

Additionally, you can change the colors by using a custom color scheme (#18099, #24460).

Performance improvements

The performance – especially for the work package table – has been improved. Loading and displaying work packages is faster.

Improved design

OpenProject 7.0 includes several design improvements and improves the user experience for users accessing OpenProject on a mobile device.

Substantial number of bug fixes

OpenProject 7.0 contains a large number of bugs fixes.

For an extensive overview of bug fixes please refer to the following list.