Meeting management

Meetings in OpenProject allow you to manage and document your project meetings, prepare a meeting agenda together with your team and document and share minutes with attendees, all in one central place.

Meetings is defined as a module that allows the organization of meetings. Note: In order to be able to use the meetings plugin, the Meetings module needs to be activated in the Project Settings.

Topic Content
Meetings in OpenProject How to open meetings in OpenProject.
Classic meetings How to create and edit a classic meeting in OpenProject.
Dynamic meetings How to create and edit a dynamic meeting in OpenProject.

Meetings in OpenProject

You can view existing meetings within a project or create a new meeting by selecting the Meetings module on the left-hand project menu. Alternatively, you can access the transversal cross-project Meetings module from the global modules menu.

With OpenProject 13.1.0 there will be two types of meetings that you can create: dynamic and classic. Please keep in mind that the ability to create classic meetings will eventually be removed from OpenProject.