(Re)configuring OpenProject

Packaged installation

For packaged installations, you can restart the configuration process by issuing the following command on the server where OpenProject runs:

sudo openproject reconfigure

This will restart the installation wizard, and allow you to modify any of the choices that you previously selected. If a configuration option doesn’t need to be modified, just hit ENTER to proceed to the next screen.

The wizard configuration is stored in /etc/openproject/installer.dat.

The wizard will automatically set environment variables to be used by OpenProject. Those variables can be manipulated with the CLI tool that ships with OpenProject:

  • sudo openproject config will display the list of environment variables set.
  • sudo openproject config:get KEY allows you to get the value of single environment variable.
  • sudo openproject config:set KEY VALUE allows you to set a new value for a single environment variable.

Docker installation

For the Compose-based docker installation, you should update the docker-compose.yml file and add any environment variable that you may require. Docker Compose supports file overrides so you may also want to use that. Then simply issue the following command:

docker-compose up -d

For all-in-one docker installations, you should update the environment file given to the --env-file docker option, and issue the following command:

docker restart openproject