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City of Ravensburg

The German City of Ravensburg relies on classic project management with the help of OpenProject.
City of Ravensburg
Eric Fischer
OpenProject enables us to plan long-term and reliably without creating an overload for our people. For us as a local authority, OpenProject has given us the chance to do proper resource planning. OpenProject offers us a high level of reliability and transparency of task loads.

Eric Fischer
City of Ravensburg
Process and project manager in the field of digitization

How the City of Ravensburg works with OpenProject

City of Ravensburg relies on OpenProject for classic waterfall project management

Around 600 people work in the core administration of the City of Ravensburg, of whom an increasingly large proportion use OpenProject. As the municipality manages traditional projects, employees use OpenProject for waterfall project management. At the beginning of 2024, about a year since the implementation, over 180 projects have already been created on the instance.

When looking for a project management tool, they focused on multi-project management. Therefore, the City of Ravensburg particularly appreciates features such as work packages with Gantt charts, boards, news, and time and cost management.

Long-term project planning with Gantt charts in OpenProject

As a municipality, the German City of Ravensburg relies on planning years in advance. Thus, project administrators especially value project planning with the help of Gantt charts, some of which contain work packages stretching from 2023 to 2027.

Custom fields such as the ‘low hanging fruit factor’ also support long-term project planning. Thanks to OpenProject’s high level of customizability, the City of Ravensburg can organize its projects in such a way that all employees can efficiently create, edit and assign tasks.

Making workload visible and enable an efficient resource planning

Tracking working time and workload is extremely important in order to avoid overburdening employees with a high workload. Before using OpenProject, it was unclear for a long time for the City of Ravensburg who had which tasks on their plate.

With the help of OpenProject’s Time and Cost module, a lot of work was made visible for the first time. A game changer when it comes to preventing overload and at the same time a great opportunity to distribute tasks sensibly and plan projects for the long term.

Why does the City of Ravensburg value project management with OpenProject?

Flexible configuration

OpenProject offers many options for individual customization, from custom fields to implement your own processes.

Attractive price model

In addition to its wide range of feature, OpenProject also stands out with its attractive pricing model, especially in comparison to well-known competitors.

Roles and permissions

With OpenProject, authorizations can be configured in such detail that everyone can work in one system, from viewing and editing to administration.

On-premises installation

Customers from the public sector in particular value OpenProject’s self-hosting options and trust that their data is as secure as possible.

Foto Ravensburg: Stadt Ravensburg / Fotograf: Reinhold Armbruster-Mayer
Screenshots: Stadt Ravensburg, OpenProject (Demo)
Stockfoto: pexels


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