Ticket management with OpenProject

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If you are using OpenProject with your team to manage your projects, you could consider more use cases. We would like to show you how, besides project management, you could make even more use of OpenProject and use it to track tickets. However, if you are looking for a full ticketing software, please check out suppliers that specialize in ticketing solutions.

Creating tickets

In OpenProject, you use work packages as tickets. All team members can create tickets and fill in the relevant information. You could also use the option to automatically create tickets from incoming emails.

Ticket details

In order to capture all relevant information, you have different options to customize your work packages. One is to customize your work package types. If you like, you could create a work package type TICKET. Or you use the work package type TASK for tickets and add additional types such as sales opportunity to track those differently. Make sure that your work package forms are set up with fields for information that is required. Customize the work package forms to your needs. Remove any fields that are irrelevant, e.g. version. And you could add custom fields to your work packages, such as ticket type to indicate if it was coming in call or email or from your website. showing a work package form with work package attributes

Tracking tickets

The work package table will show you all tickets with the details that you would like to be displayed. Use the comprehensive filter option to sort the ticket list as needed. By priority, status, assignee or type of ticket etc. Set filters in your ticket list, choose the attributes shown and save it to have it always at hand with a single click. work package table with ticket title and selected attributes filters for the work package table

Communicating about tickets

In the detail view of your work package, you can add comments to your ticket. If you mention team members with @name, they will receive a notification and reply accordingly.

work package detail view with comments from two team members

Kanban board to work on tickets

If you prefer a board view to work on your tickets and have a better, visual overview, you can use the agile boards in OpenProject. Choose a status board to know how many tickets are still open or check on your team by viewing the assignee board and how many tickets each team member is working on. status board with tickets new in progress and closed

Ticket report

To get a quick overview of all tickets, the project overview can provide information about how many tickets are closed, how many are open. overview with graphs showing open and closed tickets tickets by assignee and by ticket type

This is how you could manage tickets in OpenProject on a small scale which could be an additional benefit to your project management in OpenProject.