OpenProject meets OpenPM²

Our world needs better project management.
Together with the PM² Alliance we make collaborative project management available for everyone.

A powerful combination of software and methodology.

A fool with a tool remains a fool. But project management without a good tool is slow, bureaucratic and inefficient. Together with the PM² Alliance, we address these issues:

  • PM² is a powerful yet easy-to-use project management methodology suitable for any type of project. It is lean and it is open.
  • OpenProject gives teams better control over their work, and results in higher project performance. Less time spent on admin and documentation means less stress and more productive time for creating value!

OpenProject has joined forces with PM² Alliance

A partnership which will bring free and open-source project management closer to project teams.

The PM² Alliance is an International Association of PM² practitioners and enthusiasts. An association for those who believe in open-source solutions, it brings together individuals from institutions, companies and academia to inspire dialogue, share resources, and address the challenges facing the fields while promoting the wider adoption of the PM² Methodology. The PM² Alliance provides the vision, the leadership and the organization needed to inspire, activate and organize the professional and volunteer community so they can work towards their common vision, every day, consistently and persistently, in small steps all over the world.

Nicos Kourounakis

Nicos Kourounakis
PM² Alliance, Founding Member and CEO

We joined forces with OpenProject to make free and open-source project management more readily available to project teams. Our organizations share a philosophy that puts the creation of value for our members and users at the center of our activities. We chose to partner up with OpenProject not only because its software is flexible and powerful, but also because of its strong open-source brand. OpenProject makes it easier for teams managing their PM² projects to get more work done while spending less time planning, coordination and reporting tasks.

PM² is a light and easy-to-use Project Management Methodology
which is suitable for any type of project.

  • combines globally recognized project management methodologies and standards with project management best practices
  • provides a common vocabulary for the effective management of projects within and across organizations
  • enables improved accountability, transparency, and better stakeholder communication and collaboration
  • provides a powerful governance structure with clearly described project roles and responsibilities
  • allows for customization and tailoring to suit specific project needs and organizational environments
  • includes guidelines on initiating, planning, executing and closing projects and describes activities for monitoring and controlling project performance
  • provides a full set of artefact templates to help document and manage the project
  • is evolved by the user community and supported by the PM² Alliance.
One of the pillars of good management is governance. Governance provides the framework within which project management decisions are made. It defines all standard project management roles and their associated responsibilities while describing escalation and reporting lines.
The PM² Methodology defines four project management phases. This is an effective way to group the many management activities that take place during a project, and to focus the attention of the project team on those activities that are necessary during that period. The decision to move from one phase to the next is taken at a Phase Gate and depends on whether the goals of that phase has been satisfactorily achieved.
The PM² Methodology defines a set of project management processes and activities which are carried out throughout the life of the project; in most cases, they are executed in an iterative manner. The management processes are detailed in the 6 PM² management plans and in the Monitor & Control process group.
The PM² Methodology proposes the creation of a set of Artifacts that facilitate the definition, management and communication of projects. PM² offers a complete set of project templates along with detailed guidelines on how to use them.
The PM² Mindsets are the attitudes and behaviors that help project teams focus on those things that are crucial for the achieving of the project’s goals. Together, they help navigate the complexities of managing projects in Organizations and make the PM² Methodology both more effective and complete.

The purpose of OpenPM² is to enable project teams to manage their projects effectively and to deliver solutions and benefits to their organizations and stakeholders.

The OpenPM² initiative

We develop open-source software to change the world

OpenProject is the leading open-source project management application. OpenProject is made to support you and your projects throughout their entire lifecycle. With our location-independent collaboration features your teams can focus on creating the positive impact you aim for from anywhere in the world.

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Niels Lindenthal

Niels Lindenthal

Software wants to be free and open – and so does project management methodologies.

Joining forces with the PM² Alliance was a very easy decision to make. We are now in a position to integrate some of the of the PM² Methodology’s most powerful best practices and templates into our software. We share a common vision as well as a passion for providing project teams with solutions that enable better project management with minimum upfront effort and costs.

Our goal? To help increase the effectiveness, efficiency and success of our clients’ projects, while introducing them to a powerful yet simple methodology which we have seamlessly integrated into our software application.

Learn more about PM²

The PM² Alliance regularly organizes online webinars on various Project Management related topics.
They host some of the top experts in the field who will share their expertise collaboratively with their online audience.

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