Work Packages Questions

Frequently asked work packages questions. Learn more about how to work with work packages in OpenProject.

Why can’t I change the status of a work package?

This can happen either because the role assigned to you does not have necessary permissions to edit work package statuses or because a specific work package type does not allow status changes.

Why don’t I receive a notification as a watcher when updating a work package?

This can be connected to the email notifications settings, e.g. if they are set to “receive notifications for no events”. You will find these settings under My Account.

How can I pin a work package query?

See here how you can pin various queries to the project menu.

Why do I not receive any emails when updating a work package or copying a project?

In OpenProject an asynchronous background job (delayed job) handles emails for work package updates and notifications about copying projects. The background job has to be explicitly started in order to receive emails for work package updates and copied projects. Please refer to the installation guide  for instructions on how to activate the background job.

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