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OpenProject Release Candidate

We are continuously offering the possibility to install different release candidates for the current and upcoming major versions of OpenProject. You can use these releases to get a first look into features and help us improve the releases by providing valuable feedback before we are officially releasing the next versions.

Important notice: Although we are testing very thoroughly and do our very best to design, develop and release with highest aspiration, any release you install from another source other than the stable release channel stable/MAJOR should not be treated as fully production-ready. We are running these versions on our Cloud environments ourselves, but they might still be subject to bugs or other instabilities on your platform. We do recommend trying out the release candidate on your backed up production data, but not for use in actual production environments.

Latest OpenProject Release Candidate

We will announce the latest OpenProject Release Candidate for testing here.

Why install a Release Candidate?

By installing the latest release candidate of the upcoming OpenProject version, you help us in many ways:

  • You can be among the first to use new features in OpenProject outside our Cloud Edition.
  • You can help us improve and strengthen our release.
  • By using and reporting issues with the new versions, we can get a better insight into the usage patterns of our community to improve OpenProject for all our users.
  • You can identify and report issues on local installations that other users might not spot before upgrading their production environments.
  • You gain confidence in upgrading OpenProject once your production deployment is ready. This will result in smoother transitions to recent versions with new and improved features.
  • You receive daily updates of the initial release as well as any subsequent patch releases.


How to install a Release Candidate?

We release every stable version of OpenProject in  stable/MAJOR (e.g., stable/7) package source and branch. Every major upgrade of OpenProject will result in a source switch (from stable/7 to stable/8 for example) to avoid receiving major changes automatically through your distribution's package upgrades.

If you install OpenProject as a package, the release channels are different package repositories. You can see and see installation steps for available versions on our package repositories over at Use the dropdown in the top area to switch between channels.

If you use our manual installation guide, you can switch release channels by checking out different branches in our GitHub repository opf/openproject-ce.

A closer look at the available branches:

  • stable/9: Latest stable release.
  • stable/8: Stable releases, starting with 8.0.0 until the last minor and patch releases of 8.X.Y are released, this will receive updates.
  • stable/7: Previous stable release, will receive critical updates and bug fixes while enterprise support depends on it.
  • dev: Daily builds of the current development build of OpenProject. While we try to keep this operable, this may result in broken code and/or migrations from time to time. Use when you're interested what the next release of OpenProject will look like. Do not use in production!

What's next?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Please report a bug to our community if you encounter them in your testing. We appreciate your support and efforts.

We will keep you updated about the next OpenProject Releases.

To stay up to date with the recent development, feel free to follow OpenProject on Twitter and like OpenProject on Facebook and Google+.