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Project Settings

Every project can be individually adjusted, with different functionalities being activated or deactivated, differing project members, customized roles and workflows. Depending on the role you have, you may or may not be able to do this.

To do that select Project settings at the bottom of the project menu and select the tab you want to adapt.

 Project settings in project menu

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why are not all OpenProject modules displayed in the side menu?

OpenProject offers multiple features which can be individually activated or deactivated in the “Modules” tab in the project settings. This way you can freely configure each project’s scope / functionality based on your needs. (Example: An agile development project may need the “Backlogs”, “Work package” and “Wiki” functionality but not “Timelines” and “Meetings”.)

How can I turn a project into a subproject?

In the “Information” tab in the project settings you can define if the current project should be a subproject of another project.

How can I assign a project manager / responsible person to a project?

Go to the “Information” tab in the project settings and assign the project manager in the “Responsible” field. Note that you first need to add the project manager to the project.

How can I edit the project description?

In the “Information” tab in the project settings you can change the description. New project members can see the project description in the project overview to be informed about the most important project information.

Can I hide certain information from individual or a group of project members?

You can define the role a user or group has within a project when adding the user to the project.You can also adapt the role a user or group has within a project later from the members menu. Make sure you select the appropriate role defined in the roles and permissions section.