Manage cost types

Note: In order to be able to manage cost types you need to have certain privileges or to have a certain role, for example a system admin.

Cost types are the cost categories that will be used for logging costs.

To manage cost types navigate to Administration -> Cost Types. You will see a list of all the existing cost types. If no cost types have been created yet, the list will be empty.

Create a new cost type

To create a new cost type click on the respective icon in the cost type overview view.

 Create a new cost type

You will then be able to adapt the following:

  1. New cost type name.
  2. The unit name for the cost type.
  3. The plural form of the unit name.
  4. Define if this cost type should be set to the default value.
  5. Define the rate history. You can add multiple rates and separate them chronologically.
  6. Don’t forget to save your changes.

Define a new cost type

Edit or deactivate a cost type

To edit an existing cost type, click on the cost type name (1). You can adapt the current rate directly in the overview mode (2). You can lock a cost type (3), in which case it will only be visible if you select the “Show locked types” option. You can always re-activate a locked cost type.

Edit or lock a new cost type