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Watcher -  Person following the changes and comments on an entity (such as work packages, wiki pages or forums). The setting which notifications a user receives when watching an entity can be configured in the email notification settings in the My account settings.
Wiki -  Module that allows to use textile-based wiki pages. In order to use the wiki module, it has to be activated in the project settings.
Work package -  Subset of a project that can be assigned to users for execution, such as Tasks, Bugs, User Storys, Milestones, and more. Work packages have a type, an ID and a subject and may have additional attributes, such as assignee, responsible, story points or target version. Work packages are displayed in a projects timeline (unless they are filtered out in the timeline configuration) - either as milestone or as phase. In order to use the work packages, the work package module has to be activated in the project settings.
Work package category -  Functionality used to automatically assign a member to a work package by specifying a category. Work package categories can be defined in the project settings.
Work package form -  Form which contains information regarding a work package.
Work package ID -  Unique integer assigned to a newly created work package. Work package IDs cannot be changed and are numbered across all projects of an OpenProject instance (therefore, the numbering within a project may not be sequential).
Work package priority -  The priority defined and assigned to a work package (Default: Low, Medium, High).
Work package status -  Word to describe the progress of a work package. Status can be created, deleted and renamed in the admin settings.
Work package summary -  List of tables mapping different attributes (e.g. type, priority, assignee) to existing status to display an overview of the projects progress.
Workflow -  Allowed transitions between status for a role and a type. Workflows can be defined in the admin settings.